Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Weather prep and encounters

Health lies in labor,
and there is no royal road to it but through toil.
                                 Wendell Philips

Those who follow my blog know that I have been a little under the weather. OK, possibly a lot "under the weather", depending on what minute you should ask me about. The weather outside is just as unpredictable.

This morning I went out in the bush to take advantage of the healing powers of that fresh air environment and check out any storm damage from last night. I took these photos. It is true that there is medicine like no other found in the wilderness. I feel much better now. Exhausted, after the long hike but I actually feel somewhat healthier.

Yesterday, before the storm, I had other matters to deal with. This brings me to the prep part of the title.
There was a weather system called “A Colorado Low” sneaking into our area. This was on the heels of an "Alberta Clipper” that came through a few days before. I wonder who picked those names.  That meant a snow storm and all the prep that goes along with that for us. The cows needed extra attention and hay. Also, since I have not ventured too far from the farm I was low on supplies like milk and bread.

We are lucky in this area that about five kilometers away (or just over 3 miles for my American friends) to have a gas station in a friendly village where you can get almost anything you need. It is my go-to place for things I need in a hurry. The people there are always friendly. The “regulars” who sit around drinking coffee to catch up on the world events, always have a friendly “Hello.”
This little store has that true country feeling that all of us around these parts surely appreciate.

Well, I knew the storm was coming quickly and I also knew I had to get out there and feed extra bales of hay and put out extra bedding for the cows. I was worried about the storm interfering with the driving to the store to get what I needed. I chose to go to the store first, in case the weather changed and changed those road conditions. The cows would be fine for a little while.

Well, since I did get this cold/flu thing from someone I wanted to protect those people that I may have contact with while shopping. I pulled on my hoodie a wool cap and a heavy warm coat. Then, here is the kicker and something new, a mask that I put in my pocket.

I pulled up to the gas pumps at the station and the woman who recognized me watched as I put the mask on. I opened the door and told her to fill it up, please. She asked about the mask and I told her I had something and did not want to share it with anyone.

“Thank you,” she said. I headed to the store to shop.

The boys drinking coffee at the tables in the back corner stared at me in wonder. One of them recognized me. I was surprised because I was obviously disguised. They were talking about the upcoming storm and were also happy that I had thought of not sharing the flu gift that I had received. I grabbed milk, bread, and eggs and then headed up to the counter to pay.

No photo of the actual heist but here is what I looked like.
“Please don’t rob us?”

The teller was a young girl that I had never seen in there before. I pointed my finger at her “Bread and milk, please.” Everyone burst out laughing.
Suddenly the boss showed up (had there been a silent alarm?) and he just stared at me too. He then joined in the laughter. Yes, it was a most interesting encounter. The best part was the smiles that it brought to all involved.

I just want to let you know that if that had of been my attempt to rob a gas station there would have been chocolate on that counter.

Back on the farm, I started up the tractor. I did not need the mask to visit and prepare the cows. I put out lots of hay and put lots of bedding down and also placed a couple of bales, to anchor that newly built fence that blew over last time. With that prediction of heavy winds, we wanted to make sure.

"Colorado Low" sounds not so bad and lucky for us, it was not.

The bush today was calm and beautiful, as you can see. The best kind of medicine for sure.



  1. Very, very beautiful medicine. With laughter a close second.
    Get better soon.

  2. Glad you didn't get the really bad winds, Grace! Here's hoping you have fully recovered soon!

  3. I got out and about for some fresh air today. It felt like March! I wear gloves to push around the shopping cart and sanitize my hands when I touch the keypads. I was going to visit my frail and elderly mother-in-law so wanted to be especially diligent.

  4. Miss B,
    I hope the storm is not as bad as they are predicting. We got another 3ish inches of fluffy white snow last night and it's 5* this afternoon. I am glad to say the wind is not blowing; that will come after dark. Single digit cold again tomorrow and a warm up over the weekend. They are talking "January thaw" for sometime next week! I don't know exactly how warm, but lets hope for 20*.

    That darn cold/flu I hope you can shake that soon. Yea for bundling up and wearing the mask; smart girl. I am laughing with you on your robbery story. :) I'm glad you shared it with us!

    Rest and stay warm, my friend.

  5. If only everyone were so considerate about not sharing their germs.

  6. I hope you get better soon . We had high winds and lots of rain from the storms and seems like we will be having more rain then snow this winter all our snow has melted now and all is green again and the temps are very mild rain to come for us over night and tomorrow predicting 15 to 25 mm floods may be a thing for us here with the river so close . Lovely to have such a nice general store/gas station close by isn't it we have one to and all the folk there are nice , we also have a small hardware store in the village that is handy and also have nice folk . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  7. How considerate of you to want to keep your germs to yourself, how funny that the young clerk was worried about getting robbed. Keep taking care of yourself, and leave the germs outside, as my grandmother apparently used to say. Hugs, C

  8. Well done wearing the mask, I wish more people would show such consideration of others. I see a few masks here in Adelaide, mostly on Asian people for unknown reasons. I tried wearing one for a while during hayfever season, but couldn't breathe without fogging up my glasses, so I went back to holding a folded hanky over my nose to filter my air.
    I'm glad you have a local store where people know you, in a big city a mask might have had people calling the police :)
    I'm also glad your weather hasn't been too bad.

  9. So there's never a dull day on the farm. People may laugh and you can tell a good story but it's a smart thing to do to wear a mask when you're sick.

  10. Good on you in your "cold courtesy" mask - most considerate.
    Glad your weather didn't turn too nasty.
    The walk certainly sounded like it put a little bit of oomph back into your system B - such glorious scenery indeed :D)
    Keep warm, feel better soon. Hugs xx

  11. I can just imagine you in the shop with a mask on :) that's thoughtful of you to put one on - we do see people once in awhile down here doing that.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Hugs M xox

  12. Here we have storms called "pineapple express" -- from Hawaii, of course.

  13. Happy New Year Grace girl !
    This was too funny and your pictures are beautiful ! ... I wear a mask in the Spring and Fall while working in the garden .. all the dead matter that turns the air powdery as I cut back plants or clean up plants is just too much for me to handle .. so I get your predicament .. neighbors look at me a little strangely if they catch me in action ...
    This weather is totally menopausal ... it doesn't know what to do next so it throws out what ever it is in the mood to do.
    Not a proper winter yet again ... but who knows ? it is early on yet.
    I hope you feel even better VERY soon ... yes the cold fresh air does wonders eh ? LOL
    Take care
    Joy: )

  14. That a funny story. I hope your'er feeling much better very soon. It was very considerate of you to wear a mask even though it may have looked strange to some.

  15. What a GREAT post! I'm glad being out in all of that wilderness beauty made you feel better. How kind and thoughtful of you to wear the mask, even though it freaked out one or two as to what your intentions were. :-)

    May you continue to recover from this bug and do keep your wonderful sense of humor.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  16. hehehe, what a great post to start my day!!! when i am not well, fresh air feels good to me and as weak as i sometimes feel, being outdoors feels great!!

    i remember a time when they just called a snow storm a snow storm - i'm not sure what happened to those days!!!

  17. and feel better b, i left out the most important part!!!!

  18. I must have the same bug that you have, I do hope you are feeling better.
    Here is a blurb on the Alberta Clipper that you might find interesting:

  19. What a great story! We have one of those gas stations, too. I hope the flu bug is on its way out - such a lot of that going around everywhere. It was very thoughtful of you to think of others - most people just spread their germs with abandon!

  20. You are a generous, sharing person but thanks on this occasion for not sharing.

  21. Many of our students came back from winter break wit the flu. Therefore, we have lots of bandits running around. Glad you are thinking of others. My husband has been sick for two weeks. Hope you feel better soon.

  22. I'm glad you were all safe. It does look like good medicine in those photos. Get well soon friendly robber.

  23. That was very considerate of you to wear a mask. When we were flying home from Calgary I was tempted as I didn't want to catch anything and perhaps I should have as we both caught 'something' that reared its ugly head this week. Chills, aches and nausea along with cold symptoms. Don't you just love the local gas bar/store? Our local country pharmacy is like that too minus the table and coffee, but friendly folk who take time to chat and ask how the grandkids are. I hope you are on the mend now. Take care.

  24. Funny ! I hope you're feeling better now.


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