Sunday, February 19, 2017

City bug versus farm girl

Either I will find a way, or I make one.
                 Sir Philip Sydney

First thing this morning I slipped on hiking boots over my bare toes. I wrapped a scarf around my neck and stepped out into the great outdoors. I walked over and stood in the snow, and then took a deep breath. The cool air filled my lungs and cleared my head. I thought to myself, whatever bug that had hitched a ride home from the city was no match for our country air. The cold wind blew and the goosebumps on my bare arms suggested that I go back inside. It felt incredible. The day before, just to get down into the barnyard, to push open the gate buried in snow proved a daunting task, so this was progress.

You are probably wondering why would I even try, while this menacing bug continued to plague my poor body, “Wreaking havoc on my sheer existence” (too much eh?). I always wanted to write that line, so there it is.

Well, I am a farmer and I have a herd of lovely ladies that depend on me. Oh yes, our cows needed me so I slipped on coveralls, boots and a toque and I opened the door. I headed out into the snow.

The realization, that a week’s diet consisting of tea and crackers certainly will not give you the energy you may need to do physical activity hit me. I was “pooped.” I had only made it a few steps outside the closed door. The barnyard appeared so incredibly far away.

There had been a blizzard the day before and My Hero had made sure the cows were well taken care of before it arrived. They had been settled in with extra bedding and feed. The next morning he had to go to his day job before the sun came up. Those cows had to be checked and fed. I had to do this. There was no one else.

I dragged one foot beside the other and made it to the gate. The darn snow was drifted on both sides. I pushed and I pushed. Then I turned around and honestly just put my back into it. That worked enough for me to squeeze through.  My tractor, Little Red was covered in snow and I hoped that she had been missing me; after all, it had been awhile. There was no doubt that she would start up because she would feel sorry for me, with my pale complexion and those beads of sweat frozen on my nose.

There are a lot of steps up into the cab of Little Red. I grabbed hold of the bar and pulled. My first attempt did not go as I had hoped. I slipped. The next attempt was a success.

I plunked down in the seat and patted the dash. “Please Little Red.” I turned the key.
She started right up. I knew she had a heart. The cold air blew out of the vents and I sat and listened to the hum of the motor. I thanked Little Red as her wipers cleared the front window.

The snow was deep so I drove down the long lane with the hay prongs lowered on the front of the tractor, enough to make a path. There was no way I had the strength to change to the snow bucket. That seemed to work just fine. I came to the gate that guards the hay. Drat, more up and down the tractor step, and then open a gate.

That time seemed to go a bit smoother, or I may have been delirious by that time. I grabbed a couple of hay bales and headed back through the gate. Climbed down, shut the gate and climbed back up into the seat. Shiver, shake, spin I was fading fast.

When I did get to the cows, they were socializing around a partial green bale of hay. They did not run to me as per their usual. That upset me after all my effort. My Hero had indeed set them up nicely. It was apparent that they did not need me, as much as I had needed them. I looked back towards the house. Drat.



  1. Post sickness weakness...oh man it's tough. Chicken soup my need chicken soup. And you need to stay away from that nasty city.

  2. What a great description of perserverance, done out of love and responsibility. And your Hero, always there for you.

  3. Hope you will feel better soon. Real soon.

  4. I am a city gal, never been to a farm well not that I can remember have a vague memory of visiting a farm as a child but it is really vague. Feeling less then 100% isn't good and I hope you feel better soon, me I am ok feeling better then I did yesterday afternoon and you don't care since you don't know me with this being my first visit here and sorry but I will be back

  5. I feel for you. Been there, done that.

  6. Aw now I bet it was doubly lovely to snuggle up inside when you got back! Good on your little red tractor ☺

  7. Recovering from a nasty virus is always taxing on the body. Glad your Hero was able to set up the girls with plenty before the blizzard. Take care of yourself!!! Soup and rest!

  8. You have SNOW girl . . .
    We have NONE, can you believe it . . .
    Hope you are back inside tending to that virus. . . .
    Take Good Care!

  9. Well, you tried hard. Don't go putting your back out again.

  10. Darn girl take it easy ! If you don't take good care how can you take care of others? Glad your Hero was ahead of you and now you can rest.

  11. Poor you :( feel better soon - lots of calories to get that energy back!!

  12. You do get two gold stars for making the effort though, you didn't know the cows had been set up and wanted to do right by them.

  13. Dear Heart ~ you are truly amazing in your perseverance. You had to do what you had to do and did it. Your hubby did great giving your girls plenty while you were so sick. A 'Hero' he is for sure, your Hero.

    I love the way you write. I feel like I am right there with you. I also love your sense of humor.

    May you feel better with each new day. Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  14. "Wreaking havoc on my sheer existence." Very well done. Hope you are now well.

    And the tractor started !!

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  15. I hope you feel better soon! I have been battling a winter illness as well. It is no fun, but 'tis the season, I'm afraid.

  16. Oh boy.....I sure hope you are feeling better now.
    Everything does seem so difficult to handle when you don't feel well.
    So happy the tractor started!
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  17. I love that "wrecking havoc ..." quote I am using that too ! Thanks girl !
    Sorry you have been bitten by the bug ... it is very dicey here too and thank goodness only our cat Sophie depends on us .. the "girls" would be on a diet not of their liking had we been in your "boots" ...
    Hope you feel well soon, don't lose that sense of humor !! ... Spring is ... coming ? LOL .. that is my sense of humor ?
    Joy : )

  18. your snow is so beautiful and refreshing - ours is all gone!!

    happy cows - that will always need you!! i hope you are feeling better!!!


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