Sunday, February 12, 2017

Farm girl in the city

Not only to say the right thing at the right place,
but far more difficult,
to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.
                                      George Augustus Henry Sala
This farm girl does love to get off the farm and head to the city once a month. There are so many things to see and enjoy while I am in the city. Every time, I have been there, I seem to notice things I missed the time before.

Take for instance Union Station, in downtown Toronto. This place changes more than the seasons. I do understand that it has been going through a major renovation for (I have to say it) years and years but now it has me turned around and confused more often than not. There seems to always be a temporary wall that blocks where I want to go and have always gone the times before. Every time I step off the train or the subway it is an adventure, for sure. Oh yes, there are signs, and I do know enough to look up, unless I am dragged by a crowd at rush hour. Yes, that happens. I actually do not mind that. I have stumbled upon some wondrous sights that I never expected to find.

My last day in the city and after being swooped up by the crowd exiting the subway car at rush hour, I did hope that I was indeed headed to Union Station. I came to a huge floor to ceiling turnstile. I did not remember ever seeing that before. I did for a second wonder if it was new, although it was not temporary, that was apparent. I hesitated. A woman who had also stopped while the crowd pushed around us looked at me.

“Does this go to……. Screech, screech….Mumble mumble mumble. A train pulled in and I could not hear her. I shrugged my shoulders.

I replied, “I am looking for the Via Station and I am not from here.” She shrugged her shoulders and pushed through the turnstile. I was completely baffled by this point. Should I go through? A very nice, well-dressed gentleman must have overheard my side of the conversation.  He stopped in the crowd.

 He pointed right. “You need to go that way, and then turn left.”

“Thank you so much.”

 He smiled, and then slipped through the turnstile to the unknown. I hoped he would find that poor lost lady on the other side.

I wandered down the corridors lined with temporary walls made of plywood, blue and orange tarps and then I entered a great hall with large pillars. I love this space. It is so beautiful and always takes my breath away. All those people off to parts unknown always made me wonder. I then knew exactly where I was. I turned left as I was instructed and could not help but notice a blue cage.
I chuckled, as I stared at what was on the other side.

 It seems that in the city, they lock-up their dust bunnies in a cage. I have to admit they are much larger than the ones I had just written about on my last blog post. The ones in the farmhouse seem so tame to me now. I have never had to put them in a cage. I stood there and they appeared to be very docile but they may have been sleeping. I will never again look at my dust bunnies the same again. Their cousins in the city are not allowed to roam free. I have to admit I felt sorry for them.

Oh yes, those trips to the city always bring a strange story or two back to the farm.

I must apologize for my tardiness in getting this post out. In the city, it appears that the germs are bigger and meaner too, and not locked in a cage.  sigh

“Note to self…. carry more hand sanitizer.”



  1. Maybe they lock up the dust bunnies, I think also known as drywall bunnies, to try and keep those marble floors and columns in The Great Hall at least a little cleaner. I love going into the city too, and always see something new--even in familiar places. Sorry the Big City germs got to you. Take care of yourself. Big hugs! C

  2. Okay...just so you know...those were not dust bunnies. Those were dust BUFFALOES.

  3. You are brave to wander around the big city. Those dust bunnies are scary. lol. I love our small docile city. I haven't seen where they hide their dust bunnies though.
    Have a great time in the Big City.

  4. Your post took me back to 1967 when two freshly high school graduates girls spent the night in New York City at the Port Authority bus depot. Which in itself seemed bigger than the central California town they had come from. We spent the time people watching then at 6 AM boarded the bus to Kingston NY and ultimately to Woodstock. All this long before the actual world changing event.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed your post. I love the way you tell a story. I am glad your dust bunnies are allowed to roam free! Love the quote at the beginning of your post, I would like to turn it into a framed embroidery and sent it to our President. Although I am not against him; I think he would benefit by this saying, lol. Hugs, lJ

  6. I was just going to say that never have I ever seen a station so clean when you showed us the where the dust bunnies resided. Whoever caged them did a really great job!

  7. Glad you had a good time , I cant stand any city especially Toronto . I avoid them at all costs ,now our smaller towns we have here I love them . Actually they say that over sanitizing your hands with the ready made sanitizer can cause more germs to stick to your hands as the germs don't get washed off like soap and water , I don't like the sticky feeling the sanitizer leaves on my hands yukky , oh well each to his own eh?!lol ! Thanks for sharing great post and photos . Have a good week !

  8. Being a little farm boy and now from a small city I get your confusion. We went on the sky train in Vancouver and I'm sure some people found our confusion hilarious. It's a good thing our daughter was leading us in Chicago or we'd still be in Union station.

  9. I always love a trip to the big city. But....just a trip. I lived there many years ago and traded for a quiet life at the end of a country road. Best decision....EVER!! P.S. My 2nd grade students call it, "Hanitizer". :)

  10. Your adventures are never boring! Those dust bunnies just might be related to the ones in the parts of my house that I rarely clean!! :) :(
    I hope the snow will kill the bad germs and you'll soon be feeling much better!

  11. A cage just for dust bunnies! I'll have to make sure mine are aware of that, perhaps they'll behave better if they hear they may get locked up.

  12. Buttons, your photos remind me a bit of old television programs about future life. That future is now the present. I won't be disturbing any dust bunnies ( big or small) for a few days. Hope you are feeling better. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  13. I love Union Station even though it's been a bit of a mess for a few years. It evokes a time long gone.

  14. Before retiring I often found myself at Union Station and yes it seems to always in transition. I wonder if they ever plan to finish or just like to have those of us from out of town walking in circles.


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