Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Life without news

Music washes away from the soul the dust of every-day life.
                                   Berthold Auerbach

It is four-thirty in the morning and I am up. It seems My Hero is the one who is lounging around this morning. Usually, I am the one procrastinating and dragging my feet. My window view shows snow coming down in the darkness illuminated by the reflection of the kitchen light on the ground outside. I flip on the television as per usual, to check the weather. I know My Hero will be up shortly and then his obsession with the weather, and the news that surrounds it is a given.

I randomly flip to the PBS station and a huge smile comes over my face. You Really Got a Hold on Me, a song that has deep roots into my memories. The Tears of a Clown, and I Second that Emotion. These songs continue to remind me of my own parent’s love of music. Music had always been a constant in our lives. A childhood filled with music either from the radio, an old record player or from a Mom who loved to sing. There's nothing better to take you away from where you are in life than the lyrics and the rhythm of a good song. Life was not always easy for my parents. Music was their constant escape and joy.

My Hero saunters out and stops to listen to the song The Tears of a Clown and then he flips to the news. A few minutes later back to the music. After the weather report, the music won out. It reminds me that there is nothing that music cannot take you away from.

Yesterday, I did not turn on that television all day. The news continues to interrupt any show I may have liked to watch. I instead, sat with the radio playing softly in the background and wrote about a life. Wrote a story about a life, in a world where cows smile and wear hats, and happy children laugh and sing. Yes, that was a better way to spend a day. Who knows, someday maybe my writing will make someone forget about the news, for maybe a minute or two.

Our cows have no knowledge of the news, all they know is that they will be looked after and not forgotten by a girl who listens to music and dreams. They smile, and dance in the snow wearing hats.  They only know they can watch a girl who would love to change the world for someone but can only do it a little bit at a time, in her own way.

Yes, the weather report called for snow. Who cares?  Smokey Robinson…..You Rock.



  1. A story about life with hat-wearing cows beats the news ANYDAY!



  2. I have shunned the news since the day after the election. It makes my life so much better. Of course, it still seeps in (the news) and so it should, as I do not intend to ignore injustice. You have listed some of my favorite songs. I will now be humming Smoky Robinson all day. How great is that!?!

  3. You make a good point for turning off the news....sadly, I'm addicted.

  4. We're debating about dropping cable since we rarely watch tv. I do check the weather every morning on the internet though. Those oldies but goodies make me nostalgic. That orange hat is a real sassy fashion statement, especially while eating hay! I'll soon venture out for my walk - bundled against the cold. Take care - hope you feel better.

  5. Sometimes no news is good news. I can go for days without turning on the TV but not so my husband, He need the news, the weather and Power and politic. Enough. Watching cows chewing hay is way better.
    We're getting another storm too. No room for any more snow but it keeps coming.
    Stay safe and warm.

  6. Hey, you listen to golden oldies. Listen to your parents music. You will see what got them through tough times. Anyway, keep on trying to change the world.

  7. B,

    I'll take music over the news any day or time. Music is very relaxing, and allows us to reminisce about the past.

  8. Music is a road to your soul and heart. I believe Tom's spirit comes to me through music. He sends me love songs when I least expect it and most need it. Music changes your mood. The heck with the news.....let's fill the world with music.....wonderful music!!!!
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  9. I've always loved that quote. Music definitely does that for me. Keep dancing (and writing), B!

  10. We stopped getting the newspaper several years ago, and so the only news I hear is on the radio either while I'm driving or while we're milking with the radio on. It gets depressing sometimes, listening to the news...but I agree, music is good for the soul!

  11. I'm with you....LOVE music and listen all the time when I blog. Spotify is a safe download and a great way to peruse many genres.

  12. I love laying back on the couch, closing my eyes and letting the music take me away for a while.
    Which cow is that in the pictures? She's so pretty.

  13. GREAT post! News these days is so predictable and boring. I don't watch TV but do get Yahoo news as it is my email program. I skip the majority of it, as it is not worth clicking on and reading.

    Music is a wonderful way to take your mind off things, to bring back memories, to fill your hearts and minds with love and laughter. It helps ease pain, in body, mind and spirit.

    Your photos make us smile and relax. Thank you.

    Love, hugs & prayers for you and your Hero ~ FlowerLady

  14. re: "smokey robinson ... you rock." indeed. his music got me through many a day or night in high school, college and beyond. and his voice continues to be blessed at 75-plus. clapclapclap. standing O. music made in america and an american treasure. --suz in ohio

  15. Music, snow, early morning togetherness, cows in hats, cows without hats . . .
    better than tv news in the background.
    Let's campaign for radio music background 2017 . . .


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