Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mud and travel

General observations drawn from particulars are the jewels of knowledge,
comprehending great store in a little room.
                              John Locke

It is a most interesting time of year. We are on the cusp of a spring, or possibly our winter still has a last “hoorah” planned. Honestly we never really know what this time of year will bring. The winter here has not been a winter at all. Those of you on the east and west coast of Canada had a real winter. I have to say I missed ours. My snowshoes have never ventured outside of the house. 

I have no idea what those “psychic groundhogs” predicted. I tend to take my cues from signs that surround me, like our soon to calf cows, the roaming deer and not to forget the birds of every kind. Oh yes, February has always been full of surprises.

There are so many deer moving this time of year. You cannot drive without one running along a fence beside you.  In some cases, they jump out in front of you on a road. Be aware and watch for this. Just yesterday, I had to stop on a major highway and let six deer that had jumped over a fence near the bush.  One by one, they crossed the yellow center line on the highway and then jumped over the fence on the other side. I was not the only driver waiting and watching. There were no little ones with them but I am sure that time of year is very close. The winter must have been kind to them as they look pretty good. They are fatter than last year’s deer had been this time of year. Their coats are smooth and healthy looking. There was not a lot of snow around here, so they had lots to eat.

Turkeys in groups around fifty, or more (I lose count every time) frolic in fields where last year’s crop of soybean had no doubt left some spillage. They are very fat and happy I must say. I love seeing them. I usually pull over and just watch their antics.

Trees full of robins and juncos, then throw in the mix of hawks and woodpeckers always bring a smile. To my delight, our bluebirds are still here and picking out just the right house. Those new houses that we built last year seem to be getting a lot of attention. We may have to build more. They look like they are going to be a hot commodity.

Our cows, as I said are getting ready to calve and we hope for nice weather. This has always been an exciting time of year for us here on the farm but also a very busy and sometimes stressful one. We hope it will come and go quickly with happy results. I have no doubt I will be sharing those precious moments with all of you in the future.

Well, the snow around here is melted except deep in the bush.  Just last week where fluffy white snows once lie has now been replaced by mud. It oozes from under the tractor tires and tracks into the tractor and the house. My coveralls, no matter how careful I am seem to be covered every time I come in from the chores. Do not get me wrong I tend to have fun in the mud some days but our cows are not big fans of it. I move them around so they never have to stand in it or play near it unless they want too. They always appreciate that.

Yes, I take my signs from the animals that surround me and I am pretty sure our spring is on its way even though we really did not have our winter yet. Who needs a “psychic groundhog?”



  1. I miss the country in the spring. The sound of water in the culverts. The blackbirds 'rusty gate' song. The starlings building nests in the mailboxes. The softness of the air and the smell of life.

  2. You have robins already? That's nice. I'm not getting too excited about this spring -like weather. I expect winter to come back with a vengeance.

  3. So good to read about your animals. That is what I miss when we are staying in the apartment in the Netherlands. But we will be back to nature and hard yardwork in April. Who knows? Maybe you skipped wintet❣️Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. As always a lovely description of your life and its surroundings. That first deer is really proud looking and healthy too. Good luck with the calves.

  5. No winter in Kentucky, either. The fruit trees are full of buds and spring flowers are blooming. Crazy!

  6. Well, hey. Don't dis the poor old groundhog. The poor old ground hog's problem is that a bunch of silly humans want to use him for their own designs and the humans aren't that smart. Stay with animal sightings and stick up for my poor old groundhog.

  7. stupid groundhog; good for target practice where I live. having a warm month here and hoping March doesn't slam us. one of our worst "winters" happened in was epic.

  8. Watching deer and turkeys sounds like a lovely way to spend some time before the busy-ness of calving begins.

  9. That groundhog is not to be relied upon. It has been an odd winter here in the prairies as well. Almost all of our snow is gone. I've already pulled out the rubber boots. Funny about the mud and cows, my dog is the very same way. My best to you, enjoy the rest of your week and early Spring.

  10. Such a lovely post and lovely photos to accompany it. I like to take my cues from what I see/feel to and I think an early one is coming this year.

  11. Did not have a winter down here in s.e. FL and I missed that. I did not have to use the heater at all. We have had a couple of days that already felt like summer and that is a 'bummer'. Yesterday we did have a wonderful long steady rain, which brought a cold front down. At 7:10 a.m. it is 57 and feels like it is 55. That is fantastic.

    Loved your photos and bits of news from your part of the country ~ FlowerLady

  12. friend Sally moved to Florida and gave me her trike. Hers has gears on it, mine does not, so I thought I would give it a try. It was 54 by 7:30 this your place too?

  13. Ah, mud season. I think it's going to be a humdinger this year. As always, I love your post and the wonderful photographs!

  14. How neat to have all those lovely deer and turkeys up there, and no doubt other animals also. We have family in North Dakota. They have had a lot of snow their way. None down here in Virginia. I expect they watch the animals to know when spring is coming too. I'm a city girl, don't have a clue until the trees start to blossom but have to say, we have had some really nice weather of late, in the 60s, and a friend who lives a couple of hours further south, said that their blossom trees have started to bloom. Have a great day buttons and thanks for visiting :)

  15. Miss B,
    I love your words about calving "We hope it will come and go quickly with happy results." That is a grand idea, sign me up too!

    The good thing about mud is it means we got some moisture and it is hopefully soaking in. We still have snow in the deep draws and the big drifts are shrinking. The prairie is pretty dry, but where the drifts melt it gets very muddy.

    I would like to think that spring is near, but am cautious to be that optimistic. I might have my fingers crossed in hopes of spring.

  16. Take care then as I read you are when driving.
    Wouldn't seem like winter then if you didn't have to get your snow shoes out!
    Hugs M xox

  17. It's been a weird winter that's for sure. I can't believe how much rain and snow we've had. And we're the southwest desert.

  18. It is every which way but loose here. Rained so much since November I am amazed that we don't have more mud than we do. True Northern California has started a cycle of 5 days of rain, often accompanied by strong winds and varying temperatures. Either mild 55 highs 45 lows or 40 highs and high teens to low 20's. Toss in some hail and snow followed by 2 to 4 days of sunny mild weather and begin again. Good luck with the mud it will leave eventually and the calving. Calves are too cute!

  19. Love your photos . . .
    Mud . . . not so much . . .
    Weather 2016-2017 . . . unusual to say the least . . .


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