Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Beware the farm girl who misses her fellow Blogger's humour.

This Blog post is dedicated to my friend JacquelineandMitchell.

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.
                           (Thomas) Woodrow Wilson

Yesterday, which happened to be the last day of February, this farm girl was thinking. She thought about a winter full of those difficult challenges that so many people have faced, and are still facing. Challenges, which may be personal, or those created by watching the news or reading the headlines, with its ability to spread negativity and the ensuing bickering. I know of one talented blogger who would have had a field day with those headlines. “A keen sense of humour and kindness will get us through.” This is what the majority of my blogger friends believe here in Blogland.

I was also thinking of all of my fellow Bloggers and how connected we become with the love, admiration, and the respect we have for each other. This post is for one woman named Jacquelineand Mitchell who wrote (Cranky Bar) and formerly (Cheapstake Blethering). She had a keen sense of humour and was not afraid to use it. Unfortunately for the world, she passed away on February 6, 2017.

I had a tough time with this one, and found it very difficult to write about but Jacqueline deserves to be remembered. At first, I thought it was “Fake News, (Jacqueline would get that) but this was very true. She was such a fighter but it was still true. She passed away peacefully with her family by her side, after a long fought battle but finally, complications from a stroke took her away. Our friend Jacqueline was a woman who lived with many challenges but my, oh my, was she funny. She could find the humour in any situation she had been thrown into.

Jacqueline was a kind and generous soul. We had established a deeper friendship through email and Facebook. As many of you know, I do make hats and I like to give them to the people that I love, and people I think need a hat once wore by a cow. Well, Jacqueline gave me her favourite colour choices and I indeed made her that hat. I attached a Canadian flag pin to the front.

Jacqueline wore that hat to the mall, and being a writer she had to write about it. She was amazed that so many people were nice to her as she wheeled around in her wheelchair. Apparently, this was not always the case, which I have to say was sad for me to hear. I told her it was because of the Canadian flag I had pinned on the front and she agreed that may have been right. Well, someone came up to her and said she would pray for her. That was when Jacqueline (who had cut off her hair to manage it better) realized this woman most likely thought she was going through chemo treatments. The knitted hat was a good fit but it did cover most of her head. That was the kind of woman Jacqueline was; no matter her struggles and there were many, she had a sense of humour. It may have seemed a strange sense of humour to some, but it was real and genuine.

When my granddaughter Little Miss was born Jacqueline started to write a children’s book for her. It was about a magical world where old teachers of Jacqueline’s were given interesting silly names. Jacqueline did the illustrations herself. It would have been a best seller, I have no doubt. We will never know. Jacqueline was an amazing writer as those who followed her knew. I am going to miss her and her encouraging comments on everyone’s blogs. 

Most of all, I am going to miss this woman who had a wicked sense of humour and always shared that with all of us. She made the day for many who struggled. She was the best at that and she certainly knew what struggles were.

We will miss you Jacqueline, my dear friend. Every day I will remember how you made it through. Humour is the secret. I can imagine the stories your clever mind would turn out from these photo prompts. This is for you Jacqueline you are loved and will be missed.

To Jacqueline's  family, and especially her daughter “The Kidling” and her own Mom; Know, that she was one of a kind, and was loved by all out here in Blogland, and she will Never be forgotten. Xo Hugs B



  1. This was very sad news, indeed. I am glad that you have the memory of her friendship and I think that people who live in humor tend to live in our minds and hearts much longer.

  2. A wonderful tribute to a woman I became acquainted with through "Blogland," but lost touch with near the end because of her several blog metamorphoses in recent years. I was not aware of her stroke, for example, until seeing the news of her death on Facebook. I agree that she had a delightful sense of humor. She was accepting of one and all. I recall that in at least one of her blog iterations that she occasionally imbedded music videos to help round out her topic thread. She encouraged me in occasional comments on my posts, which meant more to me than she probably realized. She'll definitely be missed in Blogland.

  3. I'm sorry to say I did not know Jacqueline, but it sounds like I truly would have enjoyed her friendship. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  4. you are so lucky be able to reflect on such a deep and meaningful friendship. to miss someone you loved means that friendship was special. not everyone friends people in the way that you do. when you do, you leave yourself open to heartache, but the love you got in return was really worth it!!!

  5. I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. She sounds like she was a wonderful person. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  6. Hear, hear.
    I connected with Jacqueline through her blogs and email. I am glad that her pain and suffering are over, but how I miss her.

  7. My condolences to family and friends. A wicked, and sometimes very dark, sense of humor got me through a lot. There were a lot of people who didn't, and don't, understand but that's all right too.

  8. I miss her too. She was a blogger friend to me as well. We'd even message each other back and forth on facebook. :( Such a lovely post.

  9. I didn't know her, but you've paid such a wonderful tribute to Jacqueline! You were a good friend, and I'm sorry for your (and for her family and all who knew her)loss.

  10. I did not know her, but can say that I feel an attachment to fellow bloggers. So sorry for your loss.

  11. Wonderful of you to honor Jacqueline in this post . . .
    I didn't know her, had not visited her site.
    Loved that you made her a hat . . .
    So closely intimate we become with our friends we meet, in life, and in blogland.
    Thank you for remembering her and giving honor to her life, living, quick wit, humor, style.
    You certainly are a person of Grace . . .

  12. I'm sorry for the loss of one of your very favorite bloggers.

  13. Thank you for this. I didn't know Jacqueline as long as you have, and other bloggers who discovered her talent and wits years before I did. But I miss her comments and her humour too.

  14. That's lovely what you have written about one of your blogger friends.
    May she R.I.P
    Hugs M xoxox

  15. You brought me back to tears - sad, love, spunk filled tears. Thank you for this beautiful tribute. It's very touching that Jacqueline started a children's book for your granddaughter. She never stopped giving.

    PS I saw your link to this post on FB, and I'm glad I stopped by.
    Virtual hugs.

  16. What a lovely tribute to your special friend here from blogland.

  17. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. This was indeed a very lovely tribute.

  18. Jac, as I called her, was a wonderful person and so missed. I remember the hat. It was quite amusing.

  19. She sounds like a wonderful person, someone I did not know, but someone you portrayed so well here. I'm so sorry for your loss and that goes to all her blogger friends too. Take care, my friend.

  20. I just saw that the other day and I was shocked. I even told a few friends about losing a blogger friend, and how I feel like I know so many of them. Especially the ones I've e-mailed or become FB friends with. I didn't even know she had a stroke until I read the post. And I had sent her a comment asking if she was ok and told her I missed her. I just had no idea. I was wondering why she moved to Florida. She lived in Indiana, as do I, and that's kind of how we found each other. Then all of a sudden she is living in Florida. Anyway, I've thought about her a lot too. Just so sad. So nice of you to send her one of your hats, and I remember that story!


  21. Sorry B :( she sounds like a wonderful character! Much love to you xxx

  22. This was so very nice of you. Very well written and heartfelt. I too miss her.


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