Sunday, March 5, 2017

Diva Showdown

I will utter what I believe to-day,
if it should contradict all I said yesterday.
                          Wendell Phillips

Well, if you want to listen, I have a story to tell. This story, all began last week when I went to town to visit someone very special. While I was there, I figured I may as well go to a thrift store. It has been awhile since I have done this. Lately, I have been trying to cut back on bringing things into the house. I have been more focused on getting things out of the house. You know, eventually, we all come to that conclusion at some point in our lives. Declutter. Enough about that, this would be a whole other story.

Well while in the store I noticed it was packed with nice grey-haired people. That could only mean one thing…….Senior Day discount, just my luck. Now, I love a good sale and the word “Sale” has always brought things into my house. I knew I was in trouble when I hit the hat aisle.

There on the top shelf was the most beautiful orange sun hat. I could picture that beauty on the beautiful Miss Bossy2. I am sure you can see where I am going now. Well, I bought that hat and a couple of other things I did not need but it was on sale at 30% which is a nice discount.

I made it to town and had a lovely visit with my friend, who knew exactly where that hat was going, once I pulled it out of the bag to show her. The thought made her smile, so I knew it would work for others. We decided it may need some accessories. After our visit, I headed to another thrift store. I was in trouble now. I knew I was headed back to that “thrift store discount bring it into my house even though I did not need it" path, once again. I had weened myself off of that. Drat. I convinced myself it was for a good cause.

Anyhow, I found a beautiful butterfly scarf and a swirly black scarf to go with that orange hat. I raced home, excited to see if Bossy2 would love it as much as I did. I must tell you that our Bossy2 had been under the weather for a while now so I have been giving her space. I continued to hope that she would come join us again in her own time. I hoped this hat, and the new accessories would do the trick.

After getting home, I threw my coveralls and boots on, grabbed that shopping bag and raced the tractor back to see the cows. I fed them, and could barely contain my excitement as I hopped out of the tractor with that bag in my hand. I walked up to Bossy2. She smiled and seemed semi-interested. I placed that beautiful hat on her head with the butterfly scarf wrapped around the crown. She tossed it into the mud. I placed it on once again. Into the mud, it went and she walked off.

That was when I walked over to Red, who had been watching Bossy2 and me. I put the hat on Red. She loved it and posed for photos as per usual. As per her usual, she was attracting a lot of attention from the other girls. Even Kenny the bull turned his head away from his lunch and took a long look.

Next thing I knew, Bossy2 was standing beside me and she gave me one of her little nudges and a smirk. She put her head down and then head butted Red. Well, this was something new. I was convinced that Bossy2 was jealous and I tried to pull the hat off Red and place it back on Bossy2. The hat was jammed between their two heads. It was a Diva Showdown for sure.

I did get that hat off and placed it on Bossy2 and Red walked off in a huff or maybe with a smirk.

It looks like I will have to go back to town and hit another thrift store and get another funky hat so they will both have one. Looks like I am back off the wagon as far as that thrift store senior discount day thing goes, once again. It is for a good cause, though. I know you are all smiling.

The moral of this story is; never underestimate a Diva you thought was retired but who needs to hold onto her title of Top Cow Diva. Welcome back to the show Bossy2.



  1. Delightful story teller . . .
    You'll be making several trips to town for Senior Discount Day . . .
    Bossy2 and friends are looking forward to more bonnets!

  2. Yes indeed. Time to put away those knitted hats and break out the spring finery. In her Easter Bonnet with all the frills upon it…..

  3. Yep, smiles a mile wide over here this morning.
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  4. Love the story.. my smile of the day for sure.. keep them stories coming..

  5. Seeing that lovely picture at the top, I flashed back on the cancer support group I went to and the women who lost their hair in chemo treatments. In my mind I see cards with cows posing in hats, bringing smiles to cancer patients.

  6. That's very cute and made me smile :) I'm about to get off the thrift store wagon happens every spring, though we have a limit now. We only bring $10 cash with us so we can't go overboard!

  7. I kinda love how your cows wear funny hats!

  8. You are so right. Big, big smiles. Thank you.

  9. Personification here! You can see moods and thinking of your cows!Now you've got me thinking. Do cows have moods? Good story.

  10. Hilarious! You would never let your cows have a boring day, would you? :) Who knows, you might even have to find a hat for Kenny the bull!

  11. You never lose your sass! People or cows! lol

  12. Such a gorgeous story B ... you've started a trend now ;D) xx

  13. Your cows look so cute in those beautiful pictures!!! Love reading your very nice story. Thanks for sharing:)

  14. This made me smile and the photos oh yeah I did like them

  15. Ha ha ha ha! Cows are so FUNNY!! :0 :D :)

  16. Sweet! You know just what she needed.


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