Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring Shenanigans

Inquisitive people are the funnels of conversation;
they do not take anything for their own use,
but merely to pass it on to others.
                                 Sir Richard Steele

Yesterday, it was a gloomy day with its drab, almost spring but not quite yet, pallet, of grays and browns. The sun was not shining and there was still a crisp wind from the east. There seemed to be something missing in this drab world of no colour for me. I decided to pull out my “Montana Spring” hat.

This hat was created after my good friend sent me some wonderful flower yarn from Montana a couple of years ago. Feeling creative, I had knitted it into a bouquet of flowers for your head. It has a lot of miles on it, as far as exploring around the farm goes. Most every cow has worn it for a photo shoot. I love this hat. It reminds me of my good friend and also those beautiful spring days that lie ahead, in what can seem a long winter. It has always made me smile and very happy.

Well, as I was saying, yesterday I made the decision to wear it to town. I had a Nordic Pole Walking class, and I thought those lovely ladies could use a bit of spring in the colourless waiting for spring, day. Well, I do think it worked. It seemed that everyone had an extra spring in their step. That hat gathered a lot of attention.

“Be brave and do not ever worry about what others think,” those words bounced around in my head, as I wore this special hat that now seems to remind me of one of those 1950’s flower bathing caps the women used to wear. I love it.

After the class, and then our usual group coffee, sweets and social at a place called The Velvet CafĂ© (yes it sounds cool, and it is) I headed to the city in the opposite direction. I had a special friend who needed to see my “Montana Spring” hat.”

First off, and since I was in town anyway, I decided I would go to another thrift store to find some hats for Bossy2, and Red. I justify more thrift store shopping as a business expense. I am sure my addiction can be justified as keeping my cows happy. Honestly, if I never take those hats out of the tractor, they will not clutter up the house. Clutter in the tractor I guess I will deal with later.

Anyway, I found a couple of nice spring hats for the girls and the lady behind the counter and then two other people there commented on my “Montana Spring” hat. I knew I was on to something. This hat actually made people smile and that is exactly what was needed on this drab day.

The people in the hospital smiled and commented on my hat as I walked down the hall to go visit my friend. I had to show her the new hats for Bossy2 and Red. I walked into her room and just as I had hoped, it worked. She had a smile. She also loved the hats I had thrifted.

After a lovely visit, I was off to another thrift store. Oh dear, it looks like my weaning off thrift stores is in jeopardy. Red the cow, I have always believed, may be a bit Irish, so my friend and I decided she indeed would need a St. Patty’s Day Hat.

Before I could head back to the farm I had to go to Costco to pick up some groceries. After I finished and was ready to leave, I hit the lunch counter. The woman standing behind me complimented me on my hat. I thanked her and took my healthy lunch (a caramel ice cream sundae) and sat at a table. She came and sat with me and ate her much healthier turkey with provolone wrap. We had a lovely visit. Turns out she was a retired nurse and a musician. I was fascinated when I heard what she plays. She plays the Mountain Dulcimer. This was an instrument that I had never heard of before. It sounds cool I know, and you can Google it just like I did. We had such a great visit just like old friends. The “Montana Spring” hat had worked again. 

When I did get back to the farm, I had no time to change so I went to feed the cows in my “Montana Spring” hat. I also had those newly acquired hats in a bag. Well, that hat on my head seemed to drive one of those cows crazy.

You see, I finished feeding them as usual and stepped down from the tractor. Bossy2 and then Red tried on the new hat I had bought them. There was a lot of interest from some of the cows who never paid any attention before. I took the hat off Red and then set it on top of a bale of hay. I wanted Red to try on the St. Patty’s day hat, and that is when the “crazy” started.  A blonde cow named Maddi grabbed that red hat and then ran off with it. Yes, I had to chase her and grab it back. That has never happened before. Let me just tell you, that Maddi is fast, and there are a couple of teeth marks in that new hat but it will still work

I think I may have pushed spring too hard by wearing my “Montana Spring” hat. It appears that my cows now have spring fever. There were lots of smiles. So honestly, a few teeth marks on a thrift hat seemed to be a great trade off.



  1. That hat is just the pop of color your early spring photos needed! You played a very important role in that hat, inspiring conversation everywhere you went. Isn't it lovely that opening up ourselves to a bit of attention like that can cheer up so many people?
    Oh Maddi, you gave me a good laugh. Just where did you think you were going with that hat?!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. You should write a childrens story about "A Hat For Red" would be a huge success.

  3. Your cows are so spoiled by all the hats! I wish you lived Mom has a pile of hats that she's wanting to pass on to some lucky recipient. :)

  4. Smiles and colour are ALWAYS welcome. Thank you for both.

  5. Miss B,
    Sounds like you had a fun trip to town. Walking class, neat cafe, thrift stores, catching up with old friends and meeting new makes for a joyous day.

    Today it's in the low 30's and cloudy with a breeze. Monday and Tuesday we had horrible wind. Horrible. I felt so much better this morning knowing we didn't have to be out in the wind. We had sustained winds in the 40+ mph with gusts in the upper 60's mph. Some places 70 mph.

    I am thankful we are not dealing with fire like they are in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado. I can saw J and I take precautions to try and avoid starting an accidental fire. Between the wind and the dry, it could be bad if a fire got started here.

  6. You entertained others and got yourself in a good spring mood.

  7. I think your cows would be lost without hats!

  8. I love the hats and giggled at Maddie taking off with the new one. Your bouquet of flowers hat is my favourite, it's so cheery. Off to google mountain dulcimer now.

  9. Spring fever and shenanigans indeed . . .
    You go girl . . . Maddie . . .

  10. Your posts almost always bring a smile and today's is no exception. What a hoot your cows are!

    I think it is wonderful that your flower hat brought so many smiles to lots of people and cows.


  11. Hi Buttons! I SO enjoyed your post this morning. It put a smile on my face and set my imagination flowing as I lay in bed recovering from a back injury. Your collection of Happy Hats are getting a reputation for being very therapeutic! Not only do your cows enjoy them but you spread your hat happiness wherever you go and even out into blogland.

  12. Thanks for sharing your fun bit of spring to get us through this next little round of winter. You made the day for so many people (and cows), and even yourself. You can't give without getting back. :D

  13. Hilarious B! Silly Maddi, I love that your cows all have names.

  14. You're a 'Happy Hatter ' spreading happy hatting every where you go. It appears even your cows appreciate happy hats, but more probably they appreciate the 'Happy Hatter' !


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