Sunday, April 23, 2017

An auction a beach and a confession

A man thinks himself happy when he thinks he has set his course toward what he thinks he loves.
                           Jean Rostand

Saturday morning was dreary. The dampness crept into these old bones and made me a bit lazy. I sat and watched the cows, with calves mosey around in the field behind the house.

“Want to go to an equipment auction sale with me?” My Hero was one man short because Dios had another commitment. I had been expecting this invitation.

“Where is it?” I asked.

“It is in Prince Edward County, near the Sand Banks.”

 “OK, let’s go". There was no hesitation on my part.

Sandbanks Provincial Park is a beautiful park that I have only visited once in my life. I have always wanted to go back. It rests on the shores of Lake Ontario near Picton Ontario. I did hope that it was close enough that I could at least get a few photos from the road.

Now is the time for my confession.

There used to be a time, where I would jump at the chance to go to any auction with My Hero. Lately, I just do not feel like going. Possibly, I have auction burnout or it may only be the fact that there is so much to do. With so many outside and inside jobs this time of year, the thought of not accomplishing something on a weekend nags at me.

The drive to the auction was beautiful. “The County” has a rich history where many signs of the first settlers are apparent. There are old barns with the open fields, old homesteads that are falling down or boarded up. Those first homes, hotels, and businesses built by the founders of The County are everywhere in the little villages. Beautiful homes retain their rich history and their glory days while new houses have filled in all the gaps between. It is such a lovely place. Now people have discovered its beauty and moved from the cities to enjoy. Vineyards and wineries are evident of a new life full of possibilities and prosperity.

We passed the park entrance and continued down the road following other pickups filled with farmers who shop for equipment. Finally the auction site and we parked in the field. My Hero and I walked through the rows of equipment and said “Hello” to other farmers we knew. He started chatting to someone about a tractor and I excused myself.

About a mile back, I had seen an entrance to that park. I headed down the highway to find it. I figured that I could buy a day pass or something, or maybe sweet talk my way in for just for a few photos.

There was no need, the park was not open for business yet and there were other hikers enjoying its beauty. I walked through the sand on the beach and down to the water. It was so nice to walk through sand, after walking through the mud, for weeks on the farm.

I walked over to two park benches that sat on the end of the sand and looked over Lake Ontario. There in front was a perfect view of the sand dunes which this park is famous for. I sat there under a cloudy sky and took it all in. I thought of My Hero who stood at an auction down the road to watch equipment being sold. I think I had the better view this morning.

I headed closer to the dunes. The trails were flooded so I decided since I was alone and no one knew where I was I would not go any farther. It would have been nice to hike those dunes though. I headed back to sit on the bench.

That was when the sun came out and illuminated those sand dunes. It was a wonderful, unexpected gift for a girl who had no intention of leaving the farm and to ignore or postpone those spring jobs left behind.

I have to confess that I was truly excited at this auction, and I have a feeling, I will not say no to the next invitation. There is always a story and always something unexpected that comes my way. I am one lucky farm girl.

Beautiful eh?



  1. What a lovely area...although...there is also something lovely about cows and calves enjoying the spring weather. You are a lucky farm girl.

  2. It is very beautiful there. Oh, I'd love to walk in sand!!! :) But mud is better than snow so I can't complain lol...I'm glad you had fun at the auction after all. I kind of have days when I just don't feel like getting up and going, even things I enjoyed, I don't want to do. But once I'm out, I'm glad I did get out! :)

  3. It is very, very beautiful.
    Lazy? You? Queue hysterical laughter. It sounds like you NEEDED a change of scene.

  4. What a lovely area. And that old shed, how great is that? It is truly more to an auction that the event itself, it's the journey, the things you see, the people you meet. Of course, you know all that. There are two calves in the field next door and I love to watch them run around as the wind blows sand up from the ground.

  5. That is beautiful! I will admit that I share your feeling. So many things to do and I use the weekends to get caught up on everything I cannot get accomplished during the week. Glad you went!!

  6. Always a story. Love your auction adventures. Wish I could go along to see the old barns and farms. Love the beach photos!

  7. Gorgeous shot!!! I used to take my kids camping there and it is one of my favourite provincial parks!!

  8. The sand dunes sound so interesting to discover. I bet there are all kinds of little treasures in the sand like sea glass and shells to be discovered.
    I feel like you about always having so much that could be done around but getting away is good for the soul.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. There is excitement at an auction. You see all kinds of belongings that are for sale. the auctioneer hypes things up.

  10. What a pretty area.
    Hope you are ok my friend.
    Hugs M xox

  11. Beautiful beach photos, I could look at those all day.

  12. Beautiful photos and thoughts.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  13. Lovely beach photos. There have been many times that I've had to be convinced to get out of the house, off the yard. My husband knows better than I do when I need a change of scenery. It always makes me feel better, more energized and it seems those once daunting chores get done with ease.
    Have a lovely week,

  14. I wonder if that farm where the auction was held was the homestead of one of my ancestors? They were Loyalists who had originally been given a land grant where the park is presently "located". I use that term rather loosely as it is in constant motion. They only lasted about five years there and complained about the lack of arable soil, then moved back another concession (as we know of them now). My Jinks and Ferguson ancestors (and others) were clustered all through that part of the county. The last known farm was at a spot known as "The Outlet".

  15. We are so blessed with beautiful places to walk and recharge out batteries. One does not need to travel far.

  16. Yeah for a fun adventure and a nice drive with your Hero. Time well spent, Miss B!

  17. How peaceful. Chores will always be around, but one can't pass on a chance to experience something new!

  18. Sometimes we need a break. It looks as though you had a lovely one.

  19. B,

    What a beautiful place! Did your Hero come home with a new ladder?
    Love the pictures and your post.

  20. Amazing- Ontario is just amazing with all these secrets! I want to go there.

  21. Gift and respite sometimes arrive unexpected . . .
    Beautiful . . .


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