Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fooled by a calf on April Fools' Day.

You never see the stock called Happiness quoted on the exchange.
                                                  Henry van Dyke

What do you get when you mix red and red together? Well, most times you get red but not on April fools' Day.

A calf was born on a damp April 1st when this farm girl had let her Hero do the chores while she huddled inside. When he came back after feeding and checking he had a tale to tell.

“Scarlet had a calf, and it is striped.” He said.

“Sure she did?” I said, as I tilted my head and rolled my eyes.

“OK, not striped, but not like any I have seen before.” Changing his story.

“What does that mean?” More tilting and rolling eyes from this farm girl who knew it was April 1st.

“Well, it has patches and is not red.”

“How can that be?” I asked knowing Scarlet was a beautiful red from head to the tip of her tail, (hence the name), and Kenny, the father was exactly the same gorgeous shade of red.

Well, most times I would run right out and check this story but it was raining and I was exhausted from checking three times a day for the past week. I was not completely sure if he was pulling my leg either. I decided to stay huddled in the house and wait, till the next morning.We have nine calves now and more to come. Jack and Jill are now eating hay.

First thing, the next morning, well, after a nice pancake breakfast with real maple syrup (I have no idea why I am telling you this) My Hero and I headed down the lane in the tractor to feed the cows. I had my camera and I was going to see if the joke was on me.

When we made it back to the gate I stepped down and opened it so My Hero could pick up bales. I shut the gate after he grabbed them then I walked over to check out the nine calves we now have. I could not wait to see little Scarlet and her calf.

First I followed the tractor and the parade of cows following close behind. I was heading to the daycare room. That is a spot of bedding where one mother cow lies with six calves laying beside her. The other mothers had come up to the house into the pasture and we all know about daycare. Cows are no different.

I never made it to the daycare on time. Slugging through the mud slowed me down. I did manage to take photos of calves running to meet their Moms who were picking them up at daycare. That is when I saw Scarlet. On her other side, and out of my sight was her calf, eating. I needed to see this striped (?) or at the very least “Calf of a different colour.” I circled around.

There he was. I was instantly smitten. His name shall be Patches.

He was not striped, and he was definitely not red like his parents. He was indeed a “Calf of a different colour.” My Hero did try to fool me but I think that little Patches fooled us all. I think the other cows certainly are wondering about this little guy too.

So, what do you think? Cute eh?


Ps. I will be taking a little blog break. I will see you in a week or so. Take care Hugs B.


  1. What a little sweetie. I think maybe Scarlet was seeing 'the milkman' on the side lol.

  2. I like the way the other cows are giving little Patches the once over! I had no idea about cow daycare. Have fun on your break.

  3. Definitely cute. Enjoy your break - and your calves.

  4. I don't think anything is cuter than a calf, and Patches might be at the top of that bunch!

  5. I love to watch the daycare center here. So funny and clever.
    Patches id adorable.

  6. He certainly is a little different but as long as he's healthy.
    Enjoy your break.
    Hugs M xox

  7. Patches is an individual. Picture him six months from now, standing apart, bellowing out "I gotta be me, I just gotta be meeee!"

  8. Cute as can be and a PATCHES for sure . .
    Now how can two reds make a light colored Patches?

  9. Patches is adorable and he will grow up to be handsome!

    Have a nice break ~ FlowerLady

  10. I am a cow lover and have been my whole life, I used to go to church early so I could kiss and pet the cows that lived next to our parking lot... Rose sent me the link to your post. So glad she did. I LOVE Patches, he is just adorable and that last shot with all of them around him gave me warm fuzzies in my heart... what a wonderful april 1st present

  11. Awww Patches is a cutie. I wonder...has Scarlet been faithful? I mean, is there an Ashley lurking in the background that she's in love with, and you think Rhett is the Father? Just something to look into!


  12. Wow~ that is an interesting color combination, given his parentage. What a cutie pie!

  13. You're right! We did have similar stories today! It's a soap opera in the cow lot.

  14. That last photo is so funny. Enjoy your break!!

  15. I love the little guy. Hugs back to you and enjoy your week. With the calves?

  16. That is a calf of a different color for you! I wonder if Scarlet has a diluter gene in her background. It's nice to have a calf a little different, that way you always have someone to specifically look for. For me, it's the babies with a little white on their face.

    Enjoy your blog break! ;)

  17. Patches is a perfect name, what a cutie.

  18. Grace girl this was just what I needed for a huge grin this morning .. thank you !
    Patches ... is a little gem that will keep you two wondering "what happened ?" LOL
    Take care
    Joy : )

  19. What a gift! Patches seems to be a perfect name...happy calving! :)

  20. Patches is a great name, and he is a cutie!

  21. My dad used to breed our heifers to longhorns. Those calves hit the ground running and every color combination you could imagine. Your little patches reminds me of them. He is adorable.

  22. I think he's pretty darn cute...striped, or patchy. Love the name.

    Gracie, thanks for visiting, here's the link to RURAL magazine's latest issue.


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