Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Morning view and a guilty pleasure

Variety is the mother of enjoyment.
Benjamin Disraeli
The sun is nowhere to be found this early morning. The cows are a bit damp and there are honestly not any great photos to be had. I do not care, I love this view.

Yesterday morning, started out wonderful with sun and green grass. This was when I decided to indulge in a guilty pleasure. To see my cows in the pasture behind the house has always made my view fantastic, especially after the calves have been born.

There happened to be a special person who was to visit the farm, so that forecast of rain had me pick up two round bales and plunk them behind the house. To be honest, I do like to show off my view. Oh yes, I can be that selfish. Those poor cows would now have to entertain me and my guests. Oh, do not feel too sorry for them as it is truly a two- way thing. I watch them and they watch me. They do not miss a thing. If I move, they stand at the fence and watch me. Back and forth I go and they follow with their eyes.

This morning, Patches happens to be stretched out with his eyes open. He fell into the new environment very easily yesterday morning. I can relate to his apparent mood this morning, as I had to pull myself out of bed too. This is a much easier task when the sun shines and that is the truth.
I sip coffee and watch those ambitious calves run around and try to rouse the lazy ones like myself out of their comfy spots. Patches would have no part in this. Mothers walked by, calves ran by but still Patches ‘stood’ or should I say ‘laid’ his ground as they ran almost over the top of him.

It appears the sun will not visit us again today. I may be wrong, this is for sure. To guess our weather has even been difficult for the real weather people. This year I will not complain about the rain.

We are now down to only 24 round bales of hay left. We usually put our cows out to pasture on the May 24th weekend. We have never had to count bales and cross our fingers this close to that date. It is true we could buy hay, well if you can find any. It is also very expensive and usually, it is a long way away so transportation would be an issue, so we hope to not have to do that.

The abundant rain has helped bring the pastures back to life. The drought of last year and a winter with not very much snow was worrisome for us. We did cut our herd down dramatically and that was difficult but it had to be done and it did work. We made it….almost. Twenty-four bales should be enough and we will let the cows in the pastures early. If the weather keeps up the way it has it will work out just fine.

So the view here is not as pretty as it would be if the sun was out. The cow’s coats look dull and flat but it is a beautiful view for the enjoyment of the girl behind the glass. She watches them watch her.



  1. I think you have a lovely view! The cows are spectacular and I would probably be sitting by my window watching them too! :)

  2. Sun or not, what a glorious view! I love Patches! What a cutie. This is the first winter that I had enough hay in the barn and it was/is such a relief. Our grass is coming, but slowly. With limited snow here, too, it is a worry for the hay season to come. Thanks for sharing your view!

  3. Yes, the sun always helps with the lifting of moods. I do hope you get a helpful amount of rain this year. As grain farmers, we know the value of proper rains, not too much and not too little. And although I can water my gardens, there is nothing like rain to really get things growing.
    You have a wonderful view, enjoy the rest of your week,

  4. I just love your view. And I too have a view of cows and calves, horses and llamas. There's not much that can beat a good country view.

  5. I am glad that your hay made it this far! Fingers crossed 🤞 that this year is a better one (last summer was brutal).

  6. Some people are people persons and some are cow persons. a farmer has to take a keen interest in the stock and you certainly do.

  7. I certainly miss watching the calves play. I would love to have you view. Even if only for a day.

  8. I'd love a view like that. Open country with cows for entertainment. Much better than the blocks of flats I see around here, although to be fair I do see plenty of trees too.

  9. A truly beautiful view.
    Thank you so much for sharing the joy.

  10. Wonderful view . . .
    Sunny days are treats but something nice about rainy days too . . .
    (Just so the rainy ones don't get that "carrying on for days thingy!")
    Hope the hay lasts . . .
    Love seeing your little calf blessings . . .

  11. Well done! I love the way you think B. Great view xx

  12. I love the view, we always enjoy when the neighbors have the new calves!

  13. That looks a very nice view.

    All the best Jan


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