Wednesday, April 12, 2017

There or not things will progress as usual

A little work, a little sleep, a little love and it is all over.
                                       Mary Roberts Rinehart

When you are a farmer there are times when you are unexpectedly called away, and most times it seems to be the busiest times. 

This happened last week for us. It also was the beginning of calving, and we had nine calves born and running around. I was the one who went to the city and left My Hero on his own. Any way you look at it, there is never a good time to leave the farm for any extended period when you have animals to care for. Farm life continues to progress as it should. I have over the years, tried to not to worry as these things happen and things always have worked out.

My Hero has a fulltime off-farm job. This means that taking care of the cows and the farm after work adds more hours to his day. At the same time guilt to mine.

There were those constant cellphone calls where I asked if everything was OK. The usual replies and reassurances of yes, and that everything was OK, so not to worry. I can usually hear the fatigue in his voice but never tell him that. I know what calving time entails. Constant checking and walking in the bush to make sure all is well. The ground is not even this time of year, so I imagine after a day sitting in an office chair and then to walk on uneven ground puts a lot of strain on your spine.

Every phone call brought a special number.

“How many calves do we have now?”

It seems those cows waited till I left, and then they kicked into high gear to have as many calves born as they could, before my return.


Do you remember that when I left there were nine?

We were more than half way through the calving season and I was sitting in a chair in the city. During this phone call, I happened to be in a chair in a Tim Hortons sipping a tea and writing. A guilt bubble gurgled in my chest. My Hero was indeed a very busy farmer. Just his luck and mine that I had left him alone, with the cows and they had kept him very busy.

Time indeed marches on whether you are ready for it to or not.  You may feel guilty but there is nothing you can do.

By the time I did get home, and on my very first foggy early morning check, the calf count was nineteen. I had actually missed most of the calving season. We only have five more to go. 

As I am writing this, I have yet to check this morning. We may very well be done calving. All those cute little faces help to make that guilt disappear.



  1. Gorgeous photos! Somehow things work out.....

  2. It's so nice to get the calving behind. Your pictures are beautiful.
    I've been very busy here too with the calving. I lost 2 heifer calves this week as I had 2 heifers to calve and no amount of checking during the day and night could save these two. They calved while we were asleep and two days in a row I found them first thing in the morning.

    I hope that you have a nice Easter Weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I think I know that guilt, but you're right, there isn't much to do about it, it's a useless feeling (for the most part), but we can't seem to shake it off can we? Congratulations on all the calves! They are very sweet!

  4. I do know that feeling well. But I'm certain your Hero does not want you to feel guilty. I'm glad you've moved passed it so quickly.
    The pictures of your babies are so wonderful. New life is so very precious. There are so many around here frolicking around the pastures. It is a joyful time.
    Have a very Happy Easter, and continue to enjoy your Spring entirely guilt-free!
    Hugs to you,

  5. Wonderful photos to go along with your story.
    So glad you took the time to share with us.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  6. Oh, what a joy it would be to be around a few calves again...sorry you were called away but glad things went well while you were gone.

  7. Things do work out for the best. Nothing like sweet calves.

  8. Those cute little faces are lucky to have you for their farmer.

  9. I guess your trip brought the same catalyst as a snowstorm. They always calve in the middle of a snowstorm. That is a lot of calves in a short period. Glad you are nearing the end. I loved Tim Horton's when we visited Canada.

  10. That's a LOT of calves. I can see why it's the busy season. All of those cute little bundles are worth every minute though.

  11. You do what you have to do. Guilt is a timewaster. Which I can't shrug off either. Your hero knows that you would have been there if you could. And I am sure that knowing that helped.

  12. Happy Easter there to you all.
    Hugs M xoxox

  13. Lots of sweet cow babies! Your farmer is a jewel. Don't let guilt eat you up, not good at all.

    Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

  14. Glad all went well with the calving, even if you weren't around to see it - you can make up for it now with baby calf cuddles! Anyway, you had a much better baby to snuggle!

  15. I liked these photos they made me smile and feel happy for that I thank you

  16. What a lot of new little ones. Good thing your "Hero" was there to help see them into the world. I know you would have been there if you could have.

  17. Wow . . . bunches of birthing . . .
    Isn't it true though . .
    things extra happen at our busiest . . .
    Throwaway the "guilt" and enjoy those sweet new faces . . .
    Happy Easter "Miss Grace" . . .

  18. Congrats on all the new babies. Glad you made it home in time to see more births!


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