Friday, May 12, 2017

A Mother’s Mother

The strongest are those who renounce their own times
and become a living part of those yet to come.
The strongest, and the rarest.
                                                Milvan Djilas

I am a mother’s mother, and my Mom was a mother’s mother, as was her mother before her. I come from a long line of strong resourceful loving mothers.

From both sides of my family, my whole life has been surrounded by great-grandmothers, grandmothers, and mothers who were all strong women. They had to be. I was one lucky girl apprenticing to become a strong woman. There is nothing like being surrounded by strong women who were always there for you. To watch the way they handled everything and anything that was thrown at them. To watch and feel the constant love and to watch how they fought for their children and their children’s futures.

These mother’s mothers went through so many changes during their lifetime and had overcome challenges that I (we) have not seen in my (our) own lifetime. My great grandmother and my grandmother (on my father’s side) lived in a small house in the city while my grandfather was off fighting in WW2. He fought for our freedom and left his family and these strong women alone for five years. These strong women stepped up and dealt with raising daughters and sons in a world that must have seemed so unpredictable and frightening at that time. Women had to go to work and also take care of their children not knowing what the future would hold. Wondering if there would be any future at all but still filling their children’s hearts and minds with dreams of a bright and happy future.

My grandmother would often tell me stories of working in the Abramsky’s store in downtown Kingston. She worked out front and she had a playpen in the back for her youngest children. The stay at home Mom, mixed with the working Mom back then is very similar to today’s Moms. Women have always had to make choices and think about their children. Things have not changed in that matter. Difficult choices that have some Mom’s doubt those choices they had to make. There are no wrong choices. You do what you have to do, and that is all I am going to say about that. Your children will benefit either way.

My strength, my compassion, and my resourcefulness have all come from these women who I have watched since the day I was put into their arms. They loved me, took care of me and fought for me. The love of a mother is like no other.
I have raised two daughters, and now my being a mother’s mother, I pull my strength and wisdom from a long line of mother’s mothers before me. I hope that I can show the women in my life that there is nothing as strong and important as watching a mother fight and sacrifice for her children.

I know I was, and am a very lucky woman to have such incredible role models. I know this is not true for every woman. I do know that you do not have to be a mother or a mother’s mother to love and encourage other women by our deeds and actions. Some of the most influential women in my life had no children of their own. Through their actions, I have watched how they have influenced another generation of strong women with their compassion, strength, and love.

We are all someone’s daughter. No matter what kind of relationship you had/have with your own mother we can all encourage other women to be the best they can be. All that is needed is unbiased support and to remember that we all benefit from those strong supportive Moms in our world. Strong women united have kept this world going and will continue to do so.

Thank you to all the strong women in my life, especially my mother, my grandmothers and my great-grandmother. You have truly made me who I am today. Even though I have not always done everything right, I do know that my actions have always spoken louder than my words. I do my best. I do know that my daughters and my granddaughter will have all my strength and my love which has been passed down for generations.

If you are not able to hug your own Mom today get out there and hug someone else’s they would appreciate that. This I am positive of.

Love you, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to those incredible mother’s out there.



  1. Yes those mothers were strong and upright. Nothing was handed down to them on a silver platter. They had tough decisions to make and would help the neighbours in need even though they had needs themselves. Such were my grandmothers and mother. I learned how to love from my mom. In our little house, there was always room for one more my mom used to say. We haven't much but we got lots of love, she used to say.
    Happy Mother's Day.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. This is a wonderful tribute to your mother figures and mothers everywhere. Happ Mothers Day Buttons.

  3. Thank you.
    Not a mother, and I never knew grandparents/aunts. But hooray for all the strong women - who empower others.

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you, Buttons. A great tribute to your own mom.

  5. Great mother's day post. Happy mother's day to you.

  6. happy mom's day buttons, i know this is a difficult time for you. many thanks for sharing this beautiful story!!!

  7. A lovely tribute to all mothers, thank you.

  8. What a lovely tribute to the strong, loving women in your life. You were blessed.

    I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day ~ FlowerLady

  9. A lovely tribute and reflection . . .
    Happy Mother's Day Grace . . .

  10. Lovely tribute to mothers especially yours. Women should rule the world. There would be less wars.

  11. Beautifully written - know you miss your mum.
    Hugs M xox

  12. A lovely post. I was saying yesterday that we don't give enough time to the word 'grandmother' and how it actually outranks the word 'mother'.


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