Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bugs, Hay and randomness

General observations drawn from particulars are the jewels of knowledge,
and comprehending great store in a little room.
                                                           John Locke

It is a beautiful spring day here on the farm. Yesterday was the beginning of a time without rain. Oh, yes indeed we did have more rain than we needed. Now, Mother Nature if you please, we need abundant days of sun to grow that grass that only our lawn seems to have too much.

The other day I put my boots on and a ball cap and went out there to cut our lawn, or should I say hay field. Some of you will remember, I did not drive a tractor or the lawnmower last year. A nagging back issue kept me off anything that bounced. I did it. I made it through and am happy to say my back handled the lawnmower and will probably handle the tractor for haying time.

Well, my back handled it but my arms are screaming as I type this. We seriously need power steering on that thing. Well, now I know I am on my way back to a normal I have missed. I do love haying. To drive around a field surrounded by trees and wildlife makes me happy.

Our cows are eating hay bales once again, and the supply goes down every day. There did not seem to be enough pasture yet for them to get enough, so we again supplement with those precious bales left.  The little calves seem to like playing with the hay bales, especially Patches. Come on sun, please warm up. I do know that the grass will be plentiful with only a few warm sunny days. This would make those cows and this nervous farm girl less worried about running out of hay. Patches would have to find something else to play with though.

We had a little surprise yesterday. I had a wonderful friend over for supper last night. We always watch the cows. The calves are growing so quickly and entertain our guests just like they entertain us. Well, My Hero noticed that there were two very small calves. Surprise indeed. I have yet to get out there and photograph these two new ones.

The bugs are horrible here and I was hoping to wait until they left the bush. That looks like it will be a long time from now. All this rain and flooded fields have made for perfect breeding grounds for bugs. The Tree Swallows and Barn Swallows which fill our skies do not have to worry about running out of their feed this year. The drought last year had them a bit worried I am sure. The bug count was way down. I did not mind that.

Could there be a link between hay count and bug count? I think so. That could mean a bumper crop of hay this year. We shall see.

It is a long weekend here in Canada. The most anticipated one of the year. Victoria Day, or as we refer to it as "May24" weekend will have the roads, campgrounds and the wilderness full of nature lovers. Enjoy nature’s gifts for all they are worth and be safe.

Bug spray will be your friend. Let us hope it does not rain. Enjoy, everyone.



  1. Too much rain ... too little rain ... it seems we farmers and stockmen are never happy. Still, it looks as though your charges are doing well. I especially like the photo of the mama and baby.

  2. It does look like they are happy. Hay is always an issue for us, even though we don't have as many cows as you all do.

  3. I am so pleased to hear that your back is much, much better and that you can hope to return to a busy normalacy.

  4. You never know what Mother Nature will deliver....usually it's not what we want lol.

  5. I'm so happy for you that your back is feeling stronger but don't over do it. Those calves are some cute. I hope you don't run out of hay for your hear. I know the feeling. One year we lost a lot of hay in the big flood and had some delivered by friends from Ontario. Farmers helping farmers.

    We've had too much rain also but today it was so nice to work outside. The sun shone all day and it was supposed to rain. I got some yard work done. The bug haven't hit bad yet but I saw a black fly so they are out there. I'm happy to say the water level has gone down a bit and the water in the fields is slowly going down too. We need more sunny days too.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Rain is necessary but too much rain causes serious problems. We have to learn to live with the bugs. they are all part of the system.

  7. Best part of spring is the green and flowering . . .
    The worst . . . would be the bugs, especially if it is a wet spring!
    The May flies are thick here, never have noticed so many before
    and we haven't had as much rain as you have had.
    Interesting little twists and turns the weather can bring.
    Calving and hay and more calves, and rains too . . .

  8. I shall send you some of our Australian sunshine. We get so much, we can spare a bit.
    Those calves are almost as tall as the hay bales now.

  9. Glad to hear you back is better! That is wonderful news, especially since now you get to do something again that you love to do and have missed.

    As always, I love seeing your cows/calves.

    We need rain down here in s.e. FL. It keeps being predicted, but has NOT happened yet. We had some a few weeks back, one Sunday morning, but we need more.

    Mosquitoes are bad here.

    Happy Farming ~ FlowerLady

  10. So pleased to find you again and to read you are still busy on the farm. I have wondered over the years, how you were doing & were you still managing. Although we are no longer farming we still get the 'problems'. Only a couple of weeks ago I went upstairs after breakfast & heard an animal make the call that every farmer recognises....'common boys I'm out'. Looked out the window and, sure enough, some cattle were running past our gate....so there was I in my jammies and on crutches....chasing animals!! It never seems to end!

  11. B,

    It's really good to hear your back is doing better. Just don't over do it with getting back in the saddle to fast (figure of speech). I'll be happy to trade you....we're having a snake issue this year. Just two days ago, I came across a rattle snake, king snake, green garden snake, and a water moccasin on the property.


  12. It's been a wet spring here too. - Your cows are so pretty, I love their coloring.

  13. Great to see girls, babies, hats and hay. Things appear as they should be. And your back is improved! Wonderful!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  14. Glad your back is feeling better. Hopefully you will have a surplus of hay this year xxx

  15. Your cow photos are so wonderful! You know, when you posted this last Tuesday, I was in the middle of a heat wave at 36 degrees...but on Wednesday it cooled down considerably and we're back to rain and 10 degrees every day it seems. The world here in the Laurentians has turned absolutely green though, I hope your pastures have too!

  16. Adorable wee calves. Springtime is exciting, and busy, on your farm. So glad your back didn't give you trouble with mowing!


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