Sunday, May 7, 2017

High and Dry

The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done
is generally interrupted by someone doing it.
                                          Elbert Green Hubbard

Well now, it has been awhile since I have been here. There are reasons, lots of reasons. You see I have been on a Teeter-Totter. Yes exactly (probably not), like those ones we loved to play on when we were kids.

Instead of your best friend sitting on the other side, laughing and giggling in the middle of a playground, I sit in the middle, leaning to and fro. On one side there is the city, and the other side the farm. I hop from one end to the other to not miss a thing. I do miss things, that is for sure but so far I am doing pretty well. I am exhausted and have friends who have not seen me around for a while but I am living a dream, of sorts.

There are very interesting stories that came home stuffed in my bag from the city. Strange characters, whose stories had my pen to paper screaming for an audience who love to read those mysterious and crazy stories. I will get to those stories I promise. They are in my opinion too interesting to not share.

Firstly, I have to write about our cows and the rains that came and never left.

Here in Eastern Ontario, we have had torrential rains for weeks now. I know because I have driven to the city in them, and stood on the farm in them. Oh yes needless to say it is wet and flooded everywhere we look. Now, back on the farm, the water has receded since yesterday. I actually saw the sun for a few minutes this morning.

Our cows had lots of shelter in the cedars but it was getting muddy, and we do not want them in the mud. The decision was made to let them out onto pasture early. This was a good thing since we are down to only 20 bales of hay left. We would like to keep those bales for emergencies. Yes, last year’s drought left dry ponds and wells, and not enough hay was harvested so I will not complain about the rain and early pasture grass.

The pasture is on the ridge so it is high and dry. Some of you may remember where my century old maple tree sits and looks over the pond. The pond has since become a lake but the green grass on the ridge is just what our cows needed to eat and high enough to keep them dry.

My Hero had let them through the red gate to the pastures that have been locked up all winter. I wished I had of been there to see those happy faces but I was exhausted and still sleeping. Teeter-tottering is very physical work.

This morning we drove the tractor back so we could check and see how they were doing. I honestly miss them when I am not here. They were all resting on the nice green grass. The calves were nestled in protected with their mother’s or their friends. It was a beautiful sight.

I had to share this story with you. Do know those city stories will make it here. They are too good not to share. Teeter-Totter, up and down back and forth. This is my life now and I would not have it any other way.



  1. The calves are growing so quickly! Beautiful photos, I hope you don't have too much flooding, we're safe where I am in Quebec, but I read about the Gatineau area getting hit hard by overflowing river water.

  2. They do look lovely in their lush green surroundings. Take care not to overdo....we don't want you getting sick.

  3. The cows and the green look made for each other. And lovely.
    Echoing Delores. Take care of yourself. Please.

  4. Take some time for yourself in this "teeter totter" "topsy turvy" life you've been having!
    Bet seeing the cows and calves in all that green made you relax and smile a bit!
    I look forward to seeing you again soon . . .

  5. Hi buttons, I'm here in Ottawa visiting my daughter for a week as she thinks I needed arest, meanwhile on the farm, the water is covering the fields with flood water and they are on flood watch. There are plans in place in case the dairy cattle has to be moved. I feel guilty being away but it's been raining here too pretty much all week. We haven't been to visit the tulip gardens because the tulips are all closed. The sun shyly came out a smidgen today but we just went to do a bit of shopping.

    Take care, it looks like the cattle are all satisfied to be put in the green pasture.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Glad to see those cows/calves are happy and relaxed!

  7. Well the teeter totter makes life interesting. It adds a little tension to life. Isn't every story supposed to have conflict?

  8. Bless your heart! Being in the city would tighten me up, whereas being in the country would cause me to unwind. I'm sure you have some interesting city stories to share, all in good time.

    I always enjoy your farm stories and thank you for taking the time to write, edit, etc.

    I love your cow/calf photos! So serene.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  9. I've not been paying very close attention...and I only saw yesterday about all the rains you were having! I'm sorry I was so inattentive! I'm glad you have that pasture. Yes, saving the bales seems like a great decision. The calves and their mothers look so content!

  10. I am so thankful that you are receiving rain! Last year had to be very stressful. I hope your teeter tottering isn't a new stress, but family enjoyment instead.

  11. Good to see you again. Sounds like you've been busy. It's always fun seeing the cows. Hope the rains have eased up.


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