Monday, May 22, 2017

That word "Relax"

Words are not merely the vehicles in which thought is delivered;
they are part of thinking.
                  Peter Brian Medawar  

It is Victoria Day Monday here in Canada and many people are out camping, readying their cottages for the summer, and gardening. Others just want to enjoy that extra day off work, and to relax.

It was dreary, and looked like rain was inevitable when I pulled myself out of bed. I was excited to know that I was going to visit friends for coffee and cake later.

“What are you going to do today?” I asked My Hero.

“Putter in the barn, or pull the head off that old truck.”

Suddenly, the sky opened up and the rain fell.

My Hero changed his tune. “I may just relax.”

I snickered because I believe this man does not know the true meaning of the word “relax.” We differ on its meaning.

I turned to look at him. “I thought you were going to an auction.”

“No, there is nothing there that I am interested in.”

“Really” I snickered again. I have always found that line hard to believe especially when it was a tool auction.

As I prepared to leave, a truck drove into the driveway. It was Dios.

“You are going to the auction now, you know.” I laughed.

“Looks like it.” He smiled.

As they, and then I, exited the house and headed into different directions I thought about that word relax.

Yesterday which was Sunday, My Hero spent hours and hours under the hood of a truck. I spend hours writing. It happened to be a productive day with my muse. We have this understanding that when she shares a story with me I will try to get it down.

When I went outside to bring My Hero a drink he was smiling. I had a smile too. We were both involved in something that relaxes us. On the farm the word, relax can be as simple as doing a job that you enjoy, as opposed to a job that should be done. This man was covered in grease, the sun was shining and he had a smile.

The difference in what he was going to do, and what he wanted to do was a big one. The job that could have been done was to check fences. This would have required making his way through a thick bush full of bugs who are very aggressive this year. Covered in bug spray and prickly ash scratches, as opposed to covered in grease I suppose could be more relaxing.

What I should have been doing involved mops, a vacuum and window cleaner. What I wanted to do was write and look at these pretty photos on my computer. I had chosen the one that relaxed me also.

Well, now that I am home I think of him standing at an auction, possibly in the rain. I am sitting at our kitchen table sipping tea, writing this and looking at pretty photos. 

I wonder which one of us is truly relaxed right now. The jury is still out.



  1. Relaxing is entirely subjective. I suspect/hope that there is no difference between your degrees of relaxation.

  2. Quite the post on relaxing. The only time I relax is away from home and the farm. In the summer, I mostly relax for a short time on the swing on the back deck after supper. I usually sit alone as my man would rather watch the news or politics on TV. It's a quiet time where I can feast my eyes on my pretty flowers and watch the birds or clouds.
    I hope that you had a great Victoria Day.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Bet you both are in your own personal relaxed state.
    Right you are, RELAX is different for each of us.

  4. I feel the most relaxed with I'm hiking in the woods with the three dogs. It's strenuous on the body at times, but my spirit feels free and I'm very at ease!

  5. My husband is always on the go. Up very early on his days off doing chores, etc.... Me, I like coffee and thinking time. To each their own, I suppose! Have a great week!

  6. I think you're both relaxed. Change is as good as a rest!

  7. Miss B,
    Relaxation comes in many forms and is as individual as every person. Saturday J went to an auction sale and then to a graduation reception with his cousin. I opted to stay home and catch up on a variety of things. I'm not a fan of sitting in a car for hours, especially when I feel the need to "catch up" at home.

    A relaxing day for me calls for talking pictures of lilacs and editing them. Reading my book and taking a nap. Having the house to myself and enjoying a quiet day.

    No matter our idea of relaxation, we all need a day to just be. May you and your Hero enjoy the simple days that you can just be. :)

  8. when you get what you seek for it relaxes you ,your hero sounds amazing dedicated and hardworking person ,he founds relaxation in his jobs or hobbies .
    same you do my friend.your beautiful calm way of sharing made my hyper mind slow down and relaxed my fast running nerves and i am thankful for this peaceful company my friend.we are hoping for rain wish us luck

  9. You've found the true meaning of relaxing: spending quiet hours doing something you love.

  10. Relaxing is doing something you love. Sounds like you both got there, in your own way.

  11. You are both doing that which relaxes you. Problem solved, I think.

  12. I spent two weeks relaxing on a ship and it was awesome, we all relax in different ways, finding the right way for yourself is amazing. Can I ask what is Victoria Day?

  13. Different strokes for different folks as the saying goes.

  14. Puttering in the garden is my relaxation and picking berries. There is something very fulfilling about picking berries. Glad you both had a day to relax.

  15. I guess it means different things for different people? For me it is a sofa and a cup of tea!

  16. I believe sometimes we just have to do the jobs we want to do then what we have to do. I know there are some things that can't wait, but sometimes they can be set aside.
    Lovely photos :)

  17. B,

    I say if your doing what you love then you're relaxing.


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