Sunday, June 4, 2017

Big Old Truck needs Surgery

To be of service is a solid foundation for contentment in this world.
                        Charles William Eliot

Well, we knew this day would come, eventually. It looks like Big Old Truck’s age has caught up with him. He unintentionally let us down only after his aging body parts let him down. It looks like he now needs a major part donation; from a truck, I named Wrecked Truck, who Big Old Truck probably never even met, or had a conversation with.

I think it was a given the day we bought Wrecked Truck that it was only for his donor parts. He was and is a very handsome truck but that was only superficial. It is not only your outside appearance that is valuable in this world of trucks. Especially once you reach a certain age. I believe that it is all about what is under the hood. The better your parts were taken care of, the more desirable they become to others later in life.

There was a donor card signed when Wrecked Truck was found. He had been parked there a long time, left to wonder about his fate. He had given everything he had to the man who had signed that card, for a price. I am sure Wrecked Truck thought it was too low an amount for his loyal services over the years.

Since the day we towed him home, and parked him in the pasture field far from the rest of his kind, he has never moved. Never been turned over, or ran anywhere. He probably believed his only fate would be to be parked and forgotten forever. Well now, it was his time to shine.
At this moment Big Old Truck and Wrecked Truck sit side by side in the barnyard. It was not easy for me to tow Wrecked Truck from the pasture. That is one job I have never enjoyed. My Hero hooked a chain to Wrecked Truck and then to my tractor Little Red. My Hero jumped behind the wheel of Wrecked Truck as I watched from my seat in Little Red. That was when the ride to the now a surgical ward began.

At first, I had to slowly drive forward to tighten the chain without a jerk. Then I had to tow Wrecked Truck up the long laneway. Little Red has a button for 4 wheel drive so I pushed it and there was no problem pulling Wrecked Truck. He followed behind without resistance as if he knew he had an important job to do. I think he really had no idea that we were only to remove his parts and possibly tow him back to his spot in the pasture once again.

I have loved having Wrecked Truck in the pasture as a photo op. He is such a handsome truck and my dream was to paint him red or yellow and leave him be. I guess superficial is more important to me than I would like to admit.
Big Old Truck is like an old friend who had never let us down. My Hero is in the process of stripping wire harnesses fuses, connectors, and sensors from Wrecked Truck. The plan is to put those parts on Big Old Truck. Well, that is the plan. It is hoped that is the problem. Apparently, you never know for sure with these old trucks.

The fuel line will also be removed from Wrecked Truck as it seems to be in much better shape than Big Old Truck's lines that always ran those dusty salty roads. Our hope is that the donor parts will take.

I found that my thoughts drifted as I waited in the waiting room to see if the surgery and transplant went well for Big Old Truck. There is no way I want to have to buy another truck which I would have to name. I also would not like to have two superficially handsome trucks sitting in the pasture with some valuable parts under the hood. That seems to happen when you farm and have a weakness for old trucks with character.

Apparently, this surgery will take some time, possibly till we start to hay. In other words, till we need the barnyard to harvest parts from an old baler to transplant into the one we use.

  See what I mean?



  1. Will 'Big Old Truck' need ani rejection drugs?

    1. Your sense of humour has always cracked me up Delores. HUG and yes. :)

  2. A good story. I hope that the patient recovers quickly and completely from the transplant. Good luck to Big Old truck...
    Smiles & hugs,

  3. Hope you get your Big Ol' Truck back up and running soon.

  4. Big Old Truck will live to haul many more loads for your Hero. Of that I'm sure.

  5. We have a truck much like this. It keeps ticking along....barely! Good luck!!

  6. Hope the operation is a success. I wonder the milage on both trucks.

  7. Very handy to have a spare truck for parts. I'm surprised they're still good though after sitting in a field for so long.

  8. My hub has performed many such surgeries. Too Many!

  9. The best blog post on truck problems EVER!~

  10. This made me smile. Just to clarify, I'm not smiling about your truck problems. I would never do that! Let's hope the transplant surgery is successful.

  11. Nothing lasts forever not even big old trucks, my daughters little blue car needs a lot of work


  12. So funny but hen again not so funny. At Cheri's there is a row of not being used trucks just waiting for.....?
    Thanks for visiting my blog and remembering Cheri---well maybe she reads your blog--I don't know. she is one hard working woman that is for sure. I like to visit her.


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