Sunday, June 11, 2017

The non-coverall day

Thinking well is wise;
planning well, wiser;
doing well, wisest;                           
and best of all.
                                      Persian Proverb

The weekend graced us with warm or should I say hot and humid but very breezy weather. It seems our weather switched from damp, cool and wet to hot, and humid rather quickly. We are excited about the thought of the start of our haying season.

Until then, there is much to do. I thought I would take care of the laundry pile that had been accumulating during the long rainy season. The thought of the bedding and coveralls out in the fresh air and sunshine had me work double time to get it out there.

My Hero continues to harvest parts from Wrecked Truck for Big Old Truck. Apparently (I had to ask) it was the head of Wrecked Truck that I watched being harvested. It is now out and waiting till it may be needed. Pretty soon the baler and the disc bine will replace those two trucks in the barnyard. Then the fun stuff will begin. The forecast predicts hot and dry days ahead, which will be perfect. I look forward to the start so we will see the finish line. Our days will be long and keep us quite busy. That is why we must get things done before this start. All else will be put on hold until the end of the harvest.

That head removal was a very greasy grimy job. I had walked down to see if My Hero needed anything. There he was lifting the head, which was covered in grease out of Wrecked Truck. I noticed he was not dressed in coveralls. Well, it was a hot day but that was not the problem. You see, his coveralls were finally clean and hung on the page wire fence behind the house to dry. Bad timing on my part I suppose. The head must have been heavy because he looked like he was struggling. I almost jumped in to help but then remembered my clean shirt and lack of strength.

He accomplished it all on his own, which I knew he would.
The cows wandered up into the field behind the house where those coveralls were drying on the fence. It seemed that they were very curious. I had to move the coveralls because I knew they would be pulling at them and probably try to taste them.

I love those simple days, before the heated rush of the harvest comes into play. I do know the new greasy clothes pile, that My Hero created during the head removal will have to wait for a bit. At least, the forecast tells me that I will not have to hang them out in the rain for a week like I did with the last ones. That did wonders for the stains with its heavy rains and some hail. That reminds me, I should search for my summer coveralls so I can wear them, while I bale hay. It can be a greasy job, with those grease guns that never seem to cooperate. Unfortunately, this farm girl tends to lean in the fresh grease, every time.

Take advantage of the weather and the gates and fences if you love the smell of the outdoors. It works well if, like me, your clothes line has yet to make its way back up from when you tore it down with the bucket on the tractor. Oops, and sigh.



  1. The sun and warmer temps are wonderful aren't they? And thank goodness for those coveralls.......they do save your clothing don't they.

  2. Enjoy your precious sunshine. Which I know you will.

  3. You're very ingenious to use the wire fence and gate to dry cloths. I know cows, they would start chewing on the cloths. I lost a glove sticking out of my pocket one winter. I don't know if it came out the other end but I wasn't about to start digging through mountains of cow manure, lol.

    It's been hot and windy today and my husband has been cutting steady for 5 and a half hours straight. The machine he use can cut a lot at time.
    I hope that we'll all get a good cutting season.

    Smiles & hugs, Julia

  4. The ice coming off the roof used to tear our line down so we take it down and stash it by the back pole as soon as some snow starts to accumulate on the roof. This year we decided to put new line on the reels. IT IS HORRIBLE! The darn stuff has broken twice already dashing the wet laundry to the grass. I wish I had a fence or a hedge like my granny used to use. I noticed the coveralls are all hanging in the shop down here. Thankfully the stinky oily smell isn't coming into the house to be trapped by the heat.

  5. "I look forward to the start so we will see the finish line."
    I like that, it's a good attitude.
    I think all coveralls should be the same colour as grease, then the stains won't matter.

  6. I just checked the weather here for today as I have a pile of laundry to do after having rain for days on end.

    May you have a productive harvest time with no glitches.

    Have a GREAT week ~ FlowerLady

  7. I love hanging clothes outside to dry - on lines or fences! I would be with you - if there is grease or dirt around, I find my way into it. Here's hoping you have a terrific hay season!

  8. I generally hang my clothes outside to dry although today I threw the washing in the dryer it isn't wet but it doesn't feel like good drying weather either

  9. Smiles as always at a fun read.
    Happy Haying!

  10. Love the coveralls drying on the wire fence . . .
    Enjoy a productive hay season . . .

  11. aw, a lovely post - happy times! All the best for haying :D)


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