Thursday, July 20, 2017

Frustrations, over-ruled by smiles

The best thing which we derive from history is the enthusiasm that it raises in us.
                                  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The days have flown by. We have jumped into the world of hay. I say we jumped but I really should tell you that we stood on the edge for a while. This was when we tried to get up the courage to partake in that necessary season after two years of frustrations because of weather. 

The weather man promised clear skies for a few days so we dipped our toes in this past weekend. With our house full of special company My Hero decided to only cut one field beside the house. It is safe for you to assume that we have a mistrust of weather reports these days. We are going to take baby steps. We have decided to roll with the punches, as they say, and not stress too much about the frustrations of life on the farm and the harvest of hay. We have chosen to enjoy the good things in our lives as they come. One of the best things walked in with a bag full of smiles and reminded us of what is truly important in life. The work will get done, it always does.

Little Miss (our granddaughter), watched as the tractor went round and round, dropping the hay behind the disc- bine that followed. The fixed look on her face showed a girl who has a keen interest in how things work. As the overgrown and overripe grass produced seeds that flew through the air, the tree swallows and barn swallows swooped down to grab them to the delight of the smiling girl from the city. Laughter followed the wind.

“Beep, Beep” she shouted.

As soon as the hay was cut, it was off to the village fair, where traditions and family awaited. It was important to this grandmother (me) that she knows where our history lie. Spread over sixty years in my time, her grandmother (me), along with her great grandparents(my parents), aunts, uncles, and cousins have made this fair and the parade a huge part of their lives, she needed to know. She needed to see.

The fair had the girl from the city delighted in a world that is still hugely agriculturally based. Where horse shows, cow shows, and farm equipment, tractor pulls, horse pulls along with a demolition derby await the child who needs to see, who needed to know. The child who needs to know how far back this farm thing goes in history and the traditions and support it gives this land in which we live.

We drove home after a long day at the fair, and after a lovely visit with her great-grandmother (Oma) who still lives on the family farm. Where Little Miss’s Great Opa and Oma along with her Grandpa (My Hero), and her uncles and aunts lived and farmed for 60 some years. Yes, this girl from the city named Little Miss has a history that she needs to stay connected to. She needs to know how farming has played, and still plays a big part in the lives of her family and this country in general.

The closer we made it back home to the farm, the more raindrops fell on the windshield. By the time we made it to the farm it was pouring on that fresh cut field of hay. Little Miss delighted in the rain and watched the cows behind the house take a bath. Yes, to see our world through the eyes of this smiling child puts this sometimes frustrating life into perspective. This is why we do it. She will see both worlds (country and city life) and take the best from both, as she navigates her own way.

Who knows, maybe someday she will want to live and work in the beautiful world that we call agriculture. She may also choose a different path in the city. It is all up to her. Either way, she will have all the experiences and love she needs to get to where she was meant to be.

 Until then “Beep, Beep”.

There is more hay down, and those smiles are now in the city. That is OK, our hearts are full and the memories will linger. For now, there is work to be done because the sun is supposed to shine.



  1. i LOVE the last picture, it's just awesome!! traditions, it so important to share them and make them - i am learning that with my GRANDniece's as well. now i really understand the use of the word "GRAND"!!!

    good luck with the haying!!!!

  2. Oh those tiny precious. She's a lucky girl to have the best of both worlds.

  3. Aww, she will only grow to love it more as she gets older. Some of the most precious memories of this city kid were of the times we spent at my uncles farm near Norwood, ON

  4. I think it's great that you are showing her the agricultural way of life. It's rare to find any kind of fair like that around here. I always wondered if it's an "English" thing because the only agricultural fair I ever found in Southern and Eastern Quebec was in a very English area by the U.S. border. I'd love to go to one, one of these days!

  5. "The best thing which we derive from history is the enthusiasm that it raises in us."
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    YES yes yes! Love this quote.

    Sixty years in your parade...that's the good life. :)

  6. The very best kind of history lesson. And precious memories for you all.

  7. Lovely post and photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  8. It's wonderful that you can share this tradition and heritage with a child who is willing to know and learn.

  9. A lovely post. I especially love the photo of the hands. Sweet, chubby knuckles.

  10. Hey . . . you are in HAY . . . YAY!
    Hugs for the "little" . . . beep, beep.

  11. B,

    Grand babes make life so wonderful. Just watching life through their eye's makes you want to smile.
    Your grand daughter is growing up so fast :-) Cherish these moments!!!

  12. I resemble this post.
    She and my grands will have the best of both worlds.

  13. Miss B,
    Sounds like you had a great time with your special visitors. I'm glad that you value teaching the next generation about where they come from and who they come from. A little fun mixed in will make the message stick. I'm sure you will continue to find joy in sharing your country life with Little Miss.

    Yea for getting in the hay field. Good Luck!

  14. A beautiful story. It is amazing how such a little person can put life into perspective.


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