Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The sound of morning

You will never “find” time for anything.
If you want time you should make it.
                                        Charles Buxton

The soft sound of a moo slips through the window. Then, a jarring sound of what I can only describe as an alley cat squeal slips through with it.

The two sounds are so very different but both remind me that I am back at home on the farm after a visit to the city. I carefully roll out of bed and shuffle to the window. A fog hangs over the fields of uncut hay. I slip shoes on and then slip out the door to capture the sounds and the sights of a place that has my heart in a tight grip. The city sounds now a memory I immerse myself in my world.

The mooing sound off in the distance tells me that the cows are beyond the wall of fog. They are headed to the place where they will linger and chat about the weather and how lucky they are to have so much to eat this year.

The alley cat sound tells me that Jake the Blue-shouldered Peacock has once again shared his unusual singing voice with all who live in the area. Jake is as regular as any alarm you would want to set. His unusual voice, which stopped me in my tracks the first time I heard it and actually frightened me. A cat in trouble was what I thought. A peacock that wakes the neighbourhood and his fellow birds would be what he is. Oh yes, it is a sound that I now look forward to. 

Jake the peacock, warns of danger such as coyotes, fishers or anything that moves actually. He sits high on his perch at our neighbours’ house and sings with his squeaky, cat in a bag sound for all to enjoy. His owners tell me that he is the keeper of the birds he lives with. I met him once but he ignored me and he was more interested in tuning his voice and charming the lady peacocks with his songs.

There’s no traffic on the gravel road at this time of the morning. After all, it is 5AM  and it is quite easy for a farm girl to walk around in her PJ’s. If truth be told, there is a pretty good chance that the neighbours have noticed her out there before so she lingers outside without a thought. The only sounds are those of Mother Nature mixed with the squeaking of wet rubber shoes on bare feet.

Those songbirds that hide in the trees sing and Jake the peacock answers back. It is funny and I snicker wondering if the songbirds think Jake is a cat like I did. There are other sounds that make me a bit sad. The constant chatter of red squirrels who My Hero tells me that they sit on the fence and munch the fresh pears off our trees. Those darn squirrels know that they are not ready and that last year I picked them early to save them from them. Now they have acquired a taste for non-ripe pears. I can only imagine that the apples on the trees are next. The sound of chatter and then the smacking of red squirrel lips make me a bit sad, I have to admit. I love our pears too but not with bites out of them. 

My time in the city was very enjoyable and I did enjoy the sights and sounds there. I have come to the conclusion that Jake the peacock needs to be heard and I am happy to oblige.

Here comes the morning traffic, I best get inside. It is nice to be home.



  1. Sweet.. love your blog! Nice way to start the morning..

  2. Let me add my voice to the peacock song and cow moo when I say, 'welcome home'.

  3. The photo of the foggy field is beautiful. I'm a pajama gal, in fact, unless we have company or I have to go out, I rarely get dressed. I prefer to just wear my rain boots in the yard with my pj's and I'm happy! If the neighbours see me, honestly I don't care! Comfort is #1.

  4. What a beautiful sight. I don't get a quiet morning often - my rooster sees to that - but I wouldn't mind a soft moo or five. I've lived with peacocks before and they sure can get your attention! It's nice that you can travel back and forth to both worlds.

  5. It all sounds lovely on your farm early in the morning. I hear some catbirds doing their cat impression and when I first heard them I also thought it was a cat looking for trouble. Noisy thing they are but the next time I hear them, Ill be thinking of you and Jake the peacock.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Welcome home. I sound (a bit0 better than Jake when I greet the day - and friends.

  7. The farm down the road from us has two male peacocks and sounds like they are calling HELP HELP every morning and evening as the sun sets along with the roosters crowing lol then the farm across the back 40 the cows bellow in the distance then the odd dog barks as does ours lol all sounds I love as well as the rest of natures sounds we have in our valley . It is nice to go visit other places but there's no place like home in the country ! Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  8. There's nothing quite like coming home - even after a day out . The sights and sounds are familiar and no matter how loud and raucous sound comforting and reassuring.
    No peacock noises near me only squaking cockatoos :)

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  9. What a peaceful post to read about your morning back at the farm. I can almost feel being there with the dampness of the morning clinging, hearing the different sounds and enjoying the peace that permeates my soul.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  10. Jake the Peacock is much like our surviving guinea fowl. Dino the Guinea screams at all sorts of things...the blueberry bushes, hawks, weeds, humans, chickens (all of whom he hates except for our Barred Rock hen whom he now thinks is his lost mate guinea...he's not real bright!), and sometimes he just screams to hear the sound of his own voice.

  11. Oh such amazing sounds, there is no place like home

  12. I'm glad to know I'm not the only farm girl who sets off to chase a sunrise or other important farm scene in her PJs! I always try to watch for unexpected traffic though. If I see any, I take off toward home!

  13. There really is no place like home. It's nice to get off the farm/ranch for a few days, but it's nice to be home. The sights and sounds of my childhood home are still comforting. Mom and Dad's neighbor has an entire flock of peacocks. They are loud and proud!

    Welcome back to the farm, Miss B!

  14. Loved the misty morning fog in your shots. - We have Peacocks in our local park and we live about 8-9 blocks away, occasionally we can hear them. They do sound like "sick cats" youwling.


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