Wednesday, September 20, 2017

An Auction, Pots, Pears and Jam

 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
                    Leonardo Da Vinci

Sometimes you will see something at an auction that you never expected to see. You know it has its purpose and you can actually imagine yourself going home with it. Immediately, you will envision what you will use it for. That day came for me.

My Hero and I went to an auction a few weeks ago. We went because it had a huge assortment of toy tractors to sell. The best thing, in My Hero’s eyes, was that these were all red tractors. For those of you who do not understand what that means; they were International and Case tractors. It is a fact that just like the difference between a Ford and a Chevy truck, every farmer has his favourite brand.

There was certainly lots of collectibles to see and buy. As My Hero looked at tractors I came upon a beautiful deep stainless steel jam pot. I have always wanted one, I had to have it. I had all these pears at home and they would soon be ripe enough to try some jam recipes that I had been collecting. That pot would make the process easier. I could see those jars of jam that would come out of it.

This year has turned out to be a bountiful year as far as our pear trees go. I have watched them grow and get closer to picking for months. I knew they were ready, the day I found bite marks out of them and the ground littered with cores. I then dragged a ladder out of the house and confiscated the rest of them before the squirrels and chipmunks ate them all. I packed them in the basement and waited patiently until they were ripe and ready.

I bided my time at the auction and watched as tiny toy red tractors sold that made farmers young and old smile. I then met an interesting gentleman who happened to be a writer. While we were deep in conversation I glanced over and noticed that the jam pot had just sold. I had missed it. Dreams of my jam making in that pot disappeared. I excused myself from the conversation and headed to where My Hero stood. I asked him who bought the pot.

He answered, “I bought it, I knew you wanted it.”

He had bid on it for me when he noticed that I was not bidding. Well, with that jam pot and a little red tractor that would be heading to the city, we headed home.

The time to put that pot to use came these past few days. I have been experimenting with different jams made with pears. The pot worked just as I had dreamed it would. To date, I have 21 jars of jam. I still have more pears to use. That was only one tree. The squirrels have not eaten any of them yet, so I am sure they are not ready.

I have no doubt that these jars of jam were meant to be made in the pot that came home with me. They are so pretty. Don’t you think?



  1. I agree that pot was meant for you. The jars of jam look very pretty, I've always liked seeing jars of jams and preserved fruits. My mum had a whole cupboard just for her preserved things, she did sauces and chutneys as well as jams and sliced fruits.

  2. That was so kind and thoughtful for your Hero to buy the jam pot for you!I love pears...and I just made a bunch of pear butter. Wish we could trade some! :)

  3. No wonder you call him your hero! That jam looks so delicious!

  4. Your Hero fulfilled his nickname ..... what a guy.

  5. Your Hero is a keeper (just in case you didn't know).
    Love the jeweled jars in the window sill.

  6. What a nice storey. Your hero knows you very well. Homemade jams make nice Christmas gifts.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. awww, I LOVE that he bought the pot for you. (sweet story)
    The jam looks yummy :)

  8. What a GREAT story!!! Your jams looks so delicious and gorgeous! I love that your dear husband bought the pot for you. What a wonderful, loving surprise. Happy Autumn and happy jam making ~ FlowerLady

  9. Nice hubs . . . bidding on the jam pot . . .
    Nice find!
    Would live to see the little red tractor!

  10. I love your quote today! About that pear jam. I have never tried it, but it sure looks beautiful. We have a ton of raspberries, so I have been making preserves. Is all the hay in? I finally got my 200 bales of 2nd cutting grass. Right now we are having the best haying weather of the season!

  11. Yea for you, Miss B. How fun that Your Hero was paying attention, in more than one way. I'm sure he is as happy with eating pear jam as you are to make it.

    Yes, your jars of jam are pretty.

  12. Beautiful! Jam Jar suncatchers!


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