Monday, September 11, 2017

Back to fall normal.

Miss not the occasion;
by the forelock take that subtle power,
the never-halting time.
             William Wordsworth

So fall or autumn, whatever you call it, dropped in this week to the dismay of those still trying to get their hay off, in our area. The click of the furnace to heat the chilly house early Saturday morning confirmed my fears. It was fall and we had just made it. 

Thank goodness the wood in the driveshed was finished up in the early spring. The first crop of hay is done but there will be no more. Short days, combined with heavy morning dews will make for more stress than we need. With 800 bales that sit in the fields waiting to be picked up, we did alright. Our cows will eat all winter.

The pears on the trees hung low and filled a bag or two. It seems that the squirrels really like the Bartlett pears this year. The Bosc pears are still on the tree. They are still too hard for the squirrels to enjoy so I will wait. The squirrels seem to know the exact time to take a bite out of them. I guess that could be the sign so, I will give it a few more days to notice teeth marks, and then I will pick and complain.

We went to an auction on Saturday and I brought some knitting to do. There is something about yarn in your hands while the cold sinks into your bones.

This auction was packed. I love to see all the old things that show up at a farm auction. It makes you think back to the life of the farmer and his family and what they had to deal with to bring the crops in, and what it took to look after their livestock. We are honestly spoiled if you think about it.

The sky was filled with dragonflies and some landed and watched as the auctioneer’s voice threw numbers out into the air. My thoughts wondered what the dragonfly thought of the whole thing.

Well, I best get moving. There is much to do before the season after fall comes for a visit. It seems that since we did not really get our summer that the upcoming season could go either way. We may get an extended fall, or we may jump into an early winter. No one knows for sure. 

These days we just get things done when we can and try not to worry about the next week or month’s weather. We prepare for it regardless.  I predict that with those cool nights and short days those knitting needles will be in my future.



  1. Knitting is the best part of Fall/Autumn! It's good to see your wonderful hats again!

  2. The cold is coming for sure....those lovely hats of yours will be in use.

  3. Did you get that entire hat knitted during the auction? I love the cheery yellow colors!

  4. It sure feels like fall is here too in the morning and I'm enjoying this beautiful sunny weather. I love knitting scarves and mittens. Maybe I should try hats.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Glad you got your hay in - and love your attitude.

  6. The guys put some more hay down today. We are very dry, so this third cutting is late and sparse. Hopefully, we will still have some sudan to swath and bale later. We have temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s this week, but the mornings have a hint of fall.

  7. Fall arrived early here in Kentucky, but I am enjoying the temperatures.

  8. I wondered what you were knitting with that lovely yarn and now I see it is another bright hat.
    I'm glad to ear your cows will have enough to eat all winter and hope others will have as much luck.

  9. In Minnesota we had fall last week, this week it's summer again, next week the forecast is more fall like. It will teeter back and forth for awhile yet, I'm sure. I'm anxious to see the Fall Colors. We are only at about 20% right now. Love the yarn color :)

  10. You certainly make quick work of that yarn. Glad you don't have to worry about feeding your cows this winter. I can't imagine the level of stress it requires to live the farming life. The dragonfly was probably quite happy to have sunshine to keep it warm.

  11. Happy knitting and keep warm. Our spring came early but today it took a step back. Glad you got the hay done in time.


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