Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hay on the move and beer

Agriculture for an honorable and high-minded man,
is the best of all occupations or arts by which men procure a living.

My Hero is hauling hay home this morning. We have more hay than we have had in a couple of years. It will take some time. The rains made the grass grow and grow in this area and if you were lucky, you harvested a bumper crop, between the raindrops.

Our hay is scattered between three farms and it needs to get home before the winter. My thoughts about what is to come, revolve around the amount of rain we have had ever since the little bit of snow melted last spring. If we get as much snow, as we had rain, we are in for a “humdinger.” The hay needs to be close to us and easily accessible.

While My Hero is off gathering round hay bales, loading, and then travelling the roads to get it home. I want to be near a phone, just in case of a flat tire or something else. It is always a good thing to have someone you can call that will come and help. Oh, yes, and bring what you need.

Speaking of bringing what you need, I know the title may throw you off a bit but yes, this post does involve beer. Never should the words “Hay on the move and beer” go together, especially when you are travelling the roads. This post is not about the combination of those two things.

Someone left a beer in our refrigerator. It was from a local farm brewery that grows their own hops, wheat and barley. I admire and like to support any farmer that can find a way to sustain their centuries-old farm and land and to create and fill a need, and supply jobs for locals. I have to admit, that I am not a beer drinker but I do know how to use what friends and family forget in my refrigerator. I have been eyeing that can for a couple of months now.

Beer bread is such an easy thing to make, and with a Google search full of recipes you will find something you like. I chose an oatmeal beer bread. Quick easy and will fill a need. That need being that there is no bread in this house and I have a meal to prepare.

Cabbage is cheap this time of year and honestly, time is short. I love cabbage rolls and since there was no time (remember I had to drop everything if the phone rang?) I chose the Crock Pot variety. Google can help you out with a recipe for that too. Basically, prep, throw in and forget. This is just what I needed.

While I was on it. I found a bunch of forgotten beets in my refrigerator too. I boiled them while the beer bread baked and the cabbage rolls cooked. I decided to make quick pickled beets the kind that could sit and mature in the frig. Like before, a quick Google search found a five-minute pickle brine that poured over top of the prepared beets. Quick and easy, and I look forward to eating them.

Well, with all that done, I sit here and write this post. My Hero just pulled in with another load of round hay bales. I do believe he is going to be hungry when he gets finished.
There are so many farmers that I will have to thank today. From the beer to the beets it all begins on a farm somewhere.

Thank you, to MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. and the person who left that beer in my refrigerator. It was truly the start of a beautiful thing.



  1. Hope the trip home with hay goes nasty surprises.

  2. Hooray for farmers! (I should come and leave a glass of milk in your fridge!) That looks like a nice big load of hay! Glad to hear you're well supplied for winter.

  3. You are the best I bet to your hubby. Home to a nice cooked meal and ya, I know who I can call if I get in trouble. I am sure it makes his day less stressful just knowing all this. I can smell that bread from here. Hugs, LJ

  4. It does indeed all start from a farm...

  5. Beer bread is a favorite around here! So good!

  6. That beer looks so good, Buttons. The bread too!

  7. AMEN to agriculture being an honorable profession! The beer bread sounds delicious...if my kitchen was in order, I'd make some tomorrow. Hurrah on the hay crop...almost nothing makes me happier than having food for all...animals and humans.

  8. I am so glad to read that someone likes beets besides me! I buy them and make them for myself all the time. The Pres doesn't eat them and they are so good for you!! I remember doing the hay thing as a kid as our fields were a distance away which meant baling, transporting too. Hope it all goes well fro you this Winter!!!..:)JP

  9. What a treat for your hay hauling husband to come home to. You use your resources well. The beer would not have lasted very long in my fridge with the very hot days we got. A cold beer on hot days is rather refreshing.My husband doesn't care for beer but I like the occasional glass.
    Hugs, Julia

  10. I hope all your hay gets home safe and sound soon. I'm glad you thanked the farmers, too many people these days don't think about where their food comes from and all the work involved. They just go to the supermarket and complain about the prices and want everything conveniently packaged and/or pre-prepared.

  11. After reading this post, you've got me wanting to make a loaf of beer bread. It's been a long time since I made any and I'm almost out of bread.

    I too am very thankful for farmers. After hurricane Irma, I was really craving fresh veggies, had to wait a week or so and the wait made me appreciate all the more what was withheld for a time. Dairy and eggs were two more things I had to wait on.

    I'm glad you've gotten a great crop of hay this year and that you are moving the bales closer to home.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  12. Yep, farmers keep the world going. I don't think people often stop to think about where all that food in the grocery store comes from. Happy Harvest!

  13. Getting the hay home is a major but vital task. I suspect the girls would be unhappy if they were hungry.

    When I saw the beer bread, the first thing I thought of was scones. I really like those. Maybe I'll like beer bread if I encounter it.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  14. That all sounds so good! It's such a good feeling, having loads of hay in your barn. Takes a little stress out of winter!

  15. Love your post and also the meal you prepared. How did we manage without Google? I make pickled beets with an old recipe from my farming family. Quick and easy - sometimes the beets even come from a can. Hope you are well. Glad you have all that hay. We've already gotten snow and hard freezes. Fall was short here at high altitude.

  16. Third time in the past few days I have heard mention
    Beer Bread
    I am making some!!

  17. I had beer-battered fish at a new-to-me restaurant with a friend last week. It was really good.


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