Friday, September 15, 2017

Pass the Hat

If you are but content you have enough to live upon with comfort.

It was just before the sun was getting ready to retire for the night when My Hero decided he should bale up the last of a second crop hay field. Rather than put twine on the last bale he decided to take it to our cows for a special treat. I always make sure I am not too far away from this action as they tend to be all together, and sometimes very comical. They get so excited when we do this. It is like a bag candy would be for us. I was also on a mission, or we could call it on a hunt to recruit.

It is the fact that Red and Bossy2 are getting older. This has me trying to get some of the other cows interested in Hat Modelling. It is not that I would ever fire Red or Bossy2 but I think some of the other cows may like to join in. Pass the occasional hat, if you would.

I grabbed my latest knitted hat and headed out with it tucked in my hoodie. First I thought I better take advantage of the light at that time. There is something about a post with a knitted hat on it that makes me smile. The yellow of the hat and the rays of the sun made for quite a display.

When I walked over to the cows there was not one cow that came up to inspect my hat. I may have over-estimated the pull of a new hat design compared to a bag of cow candy.  They were fully involved in the feast of sweet dried grass laid out in front of them. Some of them turned to look at who stood behind them. When they saw that it was me with another hat they probably figured I would wait. How rude I thought.

Bossy2 did walk right up to me. She has always been interested in my creations and always wanted to be the first to try them on. Well, that is what I believed. It soon became apparent to me that she was more interested in what was tucked in my hoodie pocket.

You see, I have been harvesting pears from our trees and I happened to grab one on my way out the door. I munched on it as I walked down to the cows in the pasture. I had forgotten that I had stuck the core in my pocket. Well, Bossy2 has never amazed me with her sense of smell. She spits a huge mouthful of sweet hay out of her mouth right in front of me and started to push her nose into my pocket.

I reached in and pulled the pear out and it disappeared in one second flat. She was then ready for more. I put the hat on her and thought that would be enough for her. It was good for a bit but there was no stopping her interest in checking out my empty pockets. She threw the hat on the ground. I patted her and promised her a pear for the next day. I moved on to Red.

Red stood there and let me place my hat on her head. She was not interested in a pear that had been in my pocket. I truly think Bossy2 would give those sniffer dogs at the airport a “run for their money”. Curiosity had a few of the young ones step up study the hat. I thought they may have been jealous. I took the hat off Red and they ran off after they sniffed it. I think tomorrow I should put my pear core in the hat and see if the young ones would be more interested.

It is true that Hat Modelling is not for everyone. It is also true that none of those younger cows will ever be the “Hat Divas” that Red and Bossy2 have become over the years and that is for sure.



  1. Smiling broadly. I do love your hat divas.

  2. Super cute hat, Red is adorable in it!

  3. Um....a pear in your hat may just spell the demise of your hat.

  4. Rather sad the hat modelling won't be passed on, maybe a third generation calf will take it up. There's always the fence posts, they won't let you down.

  5. Love the hat . . . color is perfect!
    Thanks for the smiles . . .

  6. Love the hat and the model. I agree with Bossy2... pears are yummy

  7. Your newest creation truly complements their coloring - I can't imagine why more of the girls aren't interested. However, food before fashion is usually my motto too! Hope you are well!

  8. Oh dear you'll have to work on the recruiting of hat models. Fun Post.

  9. Bossy 2 is a natural beauty! That yellow hat really brings out her highlights! LOL!

  10. Finally, a model for your beautiful hat.


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