Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A state of mind and dress.

In life, as in chess, forethought wins.
                                Charles Buxton

Last week, I entered back into a world where my sense of style in attire will never be judged. Yes, those who know me in person are probably wondering what I am talking about. I know that even that day that I went shopping in town, with jeans and a flannel shirt with the buttons, which were not buttoned just right, that no one really noticed. 
Well, except my friend Rosie. I looked down and there it was. That Rosie has always been very observant. After her comment about it, I wondered if anyone else did notice. Then I decided that I did not care (maybe a little).

Life is busy. I had to move the cattle last week, back to their winter retreat. Winter will be upon us in no time and they love it back there. That morning I was excited about the move. I did know they do follow me anywhere when I call so I decided I would dress to impress and do my job.
First, my orange ball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes. A hand knit, orange and black toque pulled over the top to keep the cool wind out of my ears.

My blue lined coveralls, which unfortunately still sport a gaping hole in the knee, something I need to really fix sometime before it snows.

My tan Tough Duck vest with a pencil and a paper tucked in the pocket. Also, I slipped into the pocket my cell phone, just in case. My camera for some reason was forgotten upstairs on the table meaning no photos of the big event.

Finally, those Pink Muck Boots which I have always referred to as my “Pink Cadillac Boots” because of the high cost. Now that I think of it, those boots have been on my feet for three years (approx.) which makes them well worth the money.

I stepped out into the cold wind which told me a story about the month to come. Unpredictable, as usual. I pulled off my toque, stuffed it into my vest pocket and headed to my tractor and climbed in. I picked up two round bales of hay and a block of blue salt and drove down the lane. I stopped in front of where the cows were all huddled in the field behind the house, waiting for their breakfast. “Come on girls, today is the move”. Red looked at me but the rest ignored me.

I decided to take the hay down the lane and head to the bush. I figured they would figure it out. Breakfast was not coming to them. They would have to come to breakfast. They are spoiled but I was pretty sure they knew what I was doing and would appreciate the move once they figured out that it was the plan. WRONG.

Not one of the girls followed me. Not one.

I took the hay down and put it in a nice sheltered spot out of the wind. I deposited the salt in the salt bucket for them. I climbed down from the tractor and started calling them. Yes, I know what you are thinking and yes do not doubt that I am very loud so they have always listened and come when I called “Coooboss, coooboss.”

Half of the girls looked up. Then there was movement. I knew it would work. They started coming towards the well-dressed girl who summoned them. This was going to work perfectly. WRONG.

Do not get me wrong, they did all come running but instead of going through the open gate that was right beside them, they excitedly ran and stopped in front of a closed wooden gate at the bottom of the field. The one that I do not have the strength to open. Drat.

I drove back up to retrieve them and to show them the right way. I drove into the field and opened the window and explained to them to follow me. Some of them followed but would not walk through the open gate. After a while, I gave up. I thought that I was wasting my time. I drove up to the house to get a coffee and would try again later.

While sipping coffee in the house, I did some writing and all but ignored those silly cows. When I did look up they were gone. They had figured out the right way to breakfast. My one-woman cattle drive had worked. Well, not exactly. They are so spoiled that once again, it had to look like it was their idea, not mine.

A wall of sleet crept over the field behind the house. It was time. Back to winter chores. Well-dressed and happy.



  1. Looks like the 'cow goddess' struck out this time. Buttons0...Cows1. Never mind, you got what you wanted in the end.

  2. Fashion is so over-rated! I am so glad I've reached the point in my life where comfort rules.

  3. I hadn't realised that cats and cows had such strong similarities...

  4. Oh the cow mentality is quite something. They always think the grass is greener on the other side. They always move in the opposite direction you want them to and they are just plain silly sometimes. I love the fancy hat.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I think they were testing you, to see if you would give in and bring breakfast to them one more time.

  6. A happy day on the farm. I am impressed with what you do and how you cope with winters.

  7. I just 'love' your cow stories and reading about your life & dress code there on the farm.

    Love & hugs to you and your dear husband for taking care of your farm and critters ~ FlowerLady

  8. Aw, I loved how they went in all in their own good time. Great story :D)


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