Friday, December 15, 2017

There was whining

The usual fortune of complaint is to excite contempt more than pity.
                                                        Samuel Johnson

This time of year brings with it a mix of different challenges which must be adapted to. I have always been up for the challenge and have never feared the fluctuations of this season of mystery. Yesterday morning, I was reminded of just how the weather and temperature can affect my morning routine.

After a few comfortable days, where the sun shone and the air was crisp, but still a pleasant temperature, I awoke to one of those fluctuations. The radio blared with a warning.

 “Dress warm, the wind chill today will make it feel like -27 degrees Celsius”.

The very first thought, in my head was about my tractor Little Red and her dislike of cold nights and early mornings. This announcement could be a problem for me. Much like a teenager who stayed up late and did not want to get up in the morning, I would have to deal with Little Red’s moods. I once believed those days were long gone for me. Our first winter of frigid cold with Little Red shattered that belief.

Well, I ran downstairs and layered up. There was to be no dawdling this morning. I had a busy day ahead of me, and I knew that even though I had placed enormous amounts of bedding down for the cows and plenty of hay the day before, that I needed to be sure they were comfortable. That is my job.

I opened up the sliding door and a blast of I can only describe it as a brutally icy blast of air slipped through the door. I instantly knew Little Red was not going to like this. I did know that “wind chill” has no effect on metal like the motor of the tractor. It does, however, have an effect on human skin and the moods of a spoiled tractor named Little Red.

There is a button on the tractor that I call the “curly button”. My Hero calls it the “preheat button”. It has also been called “The kick in the pants button” for Little Red. I knew that since Little Red had not been plugged in last night she was going to need some persuasion. I held the curly button down for a couple minutes. I turned the key.
Whine, whine and whine. I expected this. Little Red is so predictable. I was sure I would have to pull out the extension cord and plug Little Red in. I patted her on the dash.

“Come on Little Red I have such a busy day. Can you help me out?”

I held down the “curly Button” again. I turned the key.

Whine, whine ROAR. “Thanks, Little Red.”

After a warm-up time about twenty minutes for Little Red, where I filled my time with a hot cup of coffee in the house, we both headed down the lane.

Well, the cows were feasting on the hay that had been put out the day before and some were snuggled down in the bedding. They were out of the wind and stood in the sun. They had no idea that the temperature was -27 with the wind chill. They do not have a radio.

Turns out, that the only one whining and complained about the temperature was Little Red. Some things never change.



  1. Sounds like Little Red gave you your Christmas gift early this year.

  2. Whining is perfectly acceptable, for little tractors and all people, under Arctic conditions.

  3. Give us this day our daily whine - and then get down to it.

  4. Ahem.... little Red, and You! *chortle*

  5. It's that time of year here too. I don't drive the tractor but I know my husband has to plug in his tractors when it's very cold. They whine too.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. So glad Little Red quit whining and started up for you and your cow girls.

    Happy Christmas holidays dear Buttons ~ FlowerLady

  7. Your cows have thicker hides than your tractor! I have been in -25 C and -25 F, both very cold, but without the wind. Your windchill made me turn on my little space heater in here.

  8. aw good on Little Red and her warm-up button! Brrrr that sounded very a very cold temp to have to contend with.
    Have a lovely Christmas B and all the very best for the new year, hugs, Sue xx 🎁

  9. Brrr....wish I had a start up button on cold days like that! We’ve had a few cold days but nothing like usual. We’re waiting to see if we are going to dodge this storm coming up for the holidays.
    Merry Christmas Buttons!


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