Monday, December 4, 2017

There's something amiss about December

Human reason is like a drunken man on horseback;
set it up on one side,
and it tumbles over the other.

The girls and I have been thinking. There have been some strange happenings here on the farm, which have me wonder if something is just not right with our December. First, there was our hat situation.

It is supposed to be toque season here on the farm. Bossy and Red usually have one perched on their heads, which may, or may not have first been atop mine. We are still in ball cap season around here. Well, I am wearing a ball cap. It seems Bossy2 does not like it one little bit. She flipped that hat off and demanded a warm knitted hat, which I had not brought. Red told her that she was OK with the ball cap. After all, she does not mind one little bit that the weather is warmer than usual. I tell you, those two keep me entertained indeed.

The girls are right about the weather. It has been very pleasant for our December. Honestly, I have been scraping mud off my windshield and my back window, rather than snow which used to be here by now (well, long ago). Gravel roads in December are supposed to be frozen and not as messy.

There was a full moon last night. It was so bright out it was like the sun never set. I sat in my chair in the kitchen and looked out at the barn. There was no way I could sleep which such beauty just outside my window. It has always been a great time to think.

There are many things that have me puzzled.

It seems that our Bluebird condos are now a hot commodity. It is like a trailer park in Florida for these birds around here. The demand is high. I did not even have to put out the For Rent signs. They flit around from one house to another and I watch as they move themselves in with no fuss at all. I tried to tell them that this December is only an illusion and that our real December will be here very soon. They will be stuck sitting in that condo with a plugged up driveway and no shovel. Could they know something I do not? What is going on? There are so many reasons that have me wonder.

Yesterday, while having our lunch a new resident was scoping out a place to rent. This little visitor had me wonder what on earth was going on. Sporting two black stripes that run down his/her back and its nose to the ground he/she appeared to be searching for something. He/she was oblivious to the two people trying to shoo it away from the house by banging on the window. Now, this is not an unusual sight. This happens around here in every spring but I honestly have never seen this in December. This is our month of snow and cold.

I, for some reason put up my Christmas tree yesterday. That is so unusual for me. I like to wait till there is snow on the ground, not mud. I tell you there is something amiss about this December. There are Bluebirds filling our condos. The skunks are ripping up the green lawn. Our cows are refusing to wear toques and now a Christmas tree sitting in my living room on December 4th. What is going on? What could be the reason for all this craziness?

Well, all I can tell you is that I will keep you on top of the happenings around here.



  1. And it doesn't bother me a bit! I could have snow on Christmas Eve and/or Day and be done with it! We have had nice warm weather here too. I hope the bluebirds are telling us that it's going to be a mild winter, but in our part of the states we are getting very cold weather this week. Don't know about any snow though! Keeping my fingers crossed.


  2. It's been a mild late fall here too. We had a few flakes on the ground and they all melted. I'm wondering if your blue birds usually stay for the winter or fly south?
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Possibly the Super Moon is having its affect on one and all.

  4. Nice that you saw the Super Moon. Here there were too many clouds over the lake. I guess I will have to wait for its return! Glad to be able to visit today.

  5. No moon on display here. Waaaaay too much cloud.
    And the weather seems to be odd the world over. Global weather weirding?

  6. It seems as if none of the seasons were themselves this year. Not that I'm complaining about the slow start to snow season, but it is a little unnerving. You have such photogenic cows!

  7. Last night we finally got a cold spell and some snow. Otherwise I was in your shoes (boots...). Soon enough some white will cover your ground. I wish I could see your Christmas tree. We haven’t put one up for years because we visit family in Denver over the holidays. I miss those glowing lights in the darkness.

  8. Our December is a bit off too, cooler than usual, which I am personally very grateful for.

  9. Well I am hoping for a coolish Christmas Day and not a stinking hot one

  10. Hi, Miss B!
    I have to agree with you, the moon has been an amazing sight the last few nights.

    Last week the dogs started barking in the evening and J went to see what was going on. He didn't see anything, but could smell the culprit. We haven't smelled the skunk for a few days; hopefully it moved on. Good luck getting rid of your stinky visitor.

    Sunday evening/ early Monday morn we got our first taste of winter. Howling northwest winds, temp drop and a little snow. We don't mind seeing a little snow cover, but the wind is horrific.

    I got a few seasonal decorations out, but am not ready to listen to Christmas music or put the tree up.


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