Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Predictions of time during calving

Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.
                                                      Charles Dudley Warner

It certainly has been a busy time around here. I find that the weather has made for some kind of puzzle game that has me scrambling to get the forecast right in order to get things done.

As a child I detested puzzles. Crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. Our Mom would gather us round our big kitchen table and dump a box of puzzle pieces out. Most of my siblings would think it was a wonderful thing to do on a strange weather day outside which kept us inside. I always thought of it as a punishment.

Lately, the weather has played havoc with my plans. I have to point out that the weather people have been getting it mostly right. Every time that I need to head out of town I have watched the weather forecast for seven days ahead. After all, I would not want to get caught in any kind of strange weather and get stuck somewhere. To get stuck at one destination or another is not necessarily a bad thing unless you are a farmer, and you leave your husband to handle things alone.

We have started calving so we need to be vigilant. Our cows do their job well and do not require assistance, but you never know. We have been doing this for a very long time now, and know the signs so we can predict within days of when the calves will come. With one calf born, who we named Bandit after a Facebook poll, and with no impending signs of more births, I had a window of time.

I headed to the city. The weather had predicted clear skies for five days. There were no cows that would have calves. Perfect or so I thought.

Well, as soon as I arrived in the city (a few hours late because of unforeseen reasons) I looked up the weather forecast. It had changed. I would have to figure out how to get back a day earlier than I had planned. Or, should I bank on the fact that the forecast could be wrong? Supposedly, a freezing rain storm was imminent. There was no way I wanted to travel during a forecasted weather event like that. My Hero would need my help if this prediction came about.

Was this going to be a real storm? Would it change again? Did the weather people piece together the right scenario ahead?

Long story short; I did decide to head back home a day earlier. The day before the storm was supposed to make it to us. 

That turned out to be a good call. The freezing rain did come and My Hero did appreciate my help. A calf had been born two days before I had arrived home with no problems.

The freezing rain had waited till our cows were all safe and prepared for the storm by the farmers who were home and prepared for what would come. It all worked out well. You could say the pieces fell together nicely for all involved.

I still detest puzzles, but I have a great appreciation for those who take the time to help me out with the pieces. 
Thanks for those weather people and their help. They do use all the pieces of the puzzle to give us the best picture of what lies ahead.

Unlike me as a child who would hide pieces thinking that this would get us away from that table quicker. Yes, obviously my prediction was a little warped, much like the pieces that were jammed in my pocket.

If anyone is looking for me I will be in the maternity ward.



  1. It's that time of year tiring but joyful yes?

  2. the calves are so cute. I just noticed that they are born with much thicker coats than ours here, to protect against your weather. It looks like it anyway. My neighbor Joyce has two cows and they are both pregnant, she also has a pregnant llama. Or so she thinks, it appently takes a while for a llama baby to be ready to be born.

  3. How big are the newborn calves?

  4. I love your little masked calf! After a very chilly and windy Monday, the rest of the week has cooperated with our calving efforts.

    We don't usually name our calves, but I sent photos to our granddaughters. The 3 year old suggested Blackie (very original for a black calf, don't you think?) The 6 year old suggested Chris for a boy and Zoey for a girl. Well, maybe a few WILL get names this year.

    Good luck with your calving!

  5. I thought that the calves were born in the spring on your farm. On our dairy farm, calves are born year round. The weather has been so erratic with bouts of bitter cold and warm temperatures, even the cats are all baffled. Your calf looks so cute. It's good he has a thick coat to keep warm.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Freezing rain doesn't sound like fun, good you got home before that happened. Love the rough-coated little calves, they look so sturdy too.

  7. Glad you decided to leave early & made it safely home. It is always a treat to see your cows and calves.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  8. This weather is so frustrating! Torrential rains one day, two days later, below freezing! It must really keep you on your toes! While I do love crossword puzzles, I never liked jigsaw puzzles.

  9. Bandit sure is cute! I'm glad you made it home to help your Hero. Nasty weather is never fun. (I can read your blog when I'm not using my xfinity account!!)

  10. Good luck calving, Miss B. I hope the weather decides to be more in your favor soon. Until then, be safe.


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