Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Winter hibernation mixed with whining

Wise men think out their thoughts;
fools proclaim them.
                Heinrich Heine

Well now, as I sit here and look at the window I am disappointed.

This weather has been “kicking me in the butt” as far as my doing more than regular chores. Yes, the chores get done every day without fail. The cows are looked after and seem to have no problem with our unpredictable winter weather.

OK, Ok, I can hear you complaining about my whining already. I suppose it is not all that bad.

The view from the window is still incredible. Take yesterday for instance. I was surrounded by deer. The front and back fields surrounding my house were like a playground. It seems that they have decided to come out of their own hibernation. The cold wind, and now glare ice that covers the ground does not keep them in. They are probably like me; getting sick of the weather calling all the shots, as far as what we like to do and where we like to do it.

Actually, the deer wander in those semi-bare hay fields picking at the little sprouts of green grass that managed to pop up when our January thaw arrived. Maybe, if there was a coffee shop with sweets, I would also find the ambition to walk to the corner (end of the road) and grab a bite and some conversation. Could I be on to something? Maybe, I should write a letter to Timmies’ or Starbucks. But I only need them for the winter, and then they have to leave. 
After that, I do not need a temptation to get out of my house during the other three seasons because there is no reason to stay inside.

It is snowing this morning as I write this. That sounds wonderful and looks beautiful. Its beauty will cover the ice on the laneway which continues to keep me from walking down it. I am turning into the “whiner” that people do not want to listen to.

Is it too much to ask for a winter like the “good old days”?
Or, is this a winter like ‘the good old days’? I honestly forget, and when I do think I remember, I am not sure if it happens to be my real memories or a figment of my imagination, with a lot of fluff. After all, I do believe the brain holds on to what it wants to and lets the rest go by the wayside.

The sun is coming up and not one deer is wandering the field. Yesterday, it was such a lovely treat. I stood out on the step in my pajamas and captured what I could as far as the deer go. Sure, some of the photos may be a bit blurry. What do you expect of a farm girl who was dancing in her bare feet on her cold cement step in her pajamas? A farm girl who was begging them to stand still and they did not to listen?  You’re Welcome.

Well, enough of this whining I am off to do those chores and hope that the snow gets real deep. I hope you are not whining in public like me. 



  1. Have a whineful day.. Haha.. Love the deer pictures.. Hope you get some snow soon. I miss seeing the pictures of snow as I sit at my desk in the sunny Florida south :)

  2. ...I have too....it's o.k. we can do that ...we just can't stay that way. LOL Nice photos.

  3. I'll whine anywhere and everywhere anytime...so there. It's winter and Canadians whine...we whine if there is no snow and we whine if there is snow....we're professionals lol.

  4. I'VE BEEN WHINING ALL WINTER. It doesn't change a thing. I just thank God when I get through another day. You don't seem to have much snow and the deer looks lively.

  5. Love the deer in your yard. We haven't seen any here in such a very long time. They are in the woods, just not stepping out into the yard. I'm sick of winter too. Have a very bad knee, and getting a replacement surgery tomorrow! so I've been quite confined this year.

  6. I love that last picture especially, with the deer kicking up it's heels! Apparently he/she is feeling a lot more lively than I am! Love, your fellow whiner :)

  7. We need to whine, once in a while. You just gotta let it out! lol

  8. Our winter has been so mild and with too little snow. I sometimes whine because we need more white. We will be way too dry in CO this summer if we don’t get more winter snows. I’d prefer them to come before May! I’m getting a chuckle out of you standing in bare feet in pj’s to capture the deer photos.

  9. We all need to release emotions and such because if we didn't we would explode

  10. Oh, it's so very easy to become a whiner! Sending you hugs and warm wishes to go along with a spring thaw! xo Nellie

  11. I love the photos! I don't mind if you whine. I whined the whole five weeks I was sick.

  12. B,
    It's always beautiful to see God's creatures walk through your pastures and nibble a bit here and there.
    The weather has many of the creatures confused, just as we are. Today, we peaked to 70 degrees. Tomorrow the temperatures drop, and this weekend our state is expecting snow.
    Thanks for letting me whine :-)

  13. Sneaky deer! Watching them is so peaceful!
    It is cold here this morning... 27 days until Spring!!

  14. Winter weather in the north is enough to make anyone whine. But I guess as the latest saying goes..."Think positive...


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